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Apply Today as a Company: If you are an innovative healthcare focused company that has received funding to date (from either non-dilutive or dilutive sources) we welcome you to apply for UCSF Health Hub Connect.  As a first step, please start by creating a UCSF Health Hub Connect profile.  Each profile is reviewed by the UCSF Health Hub team and approved only if the two above parameters are met.  

Once approved, you will be prompted to write a concise brief, which provides a bit of background on your company but more importantly highlights your unmet need and what type of advisor is needed to allow your company to scale and grow.  Upon completing the brief, our proprietary UCSF Health Hub Connect matching algorithm and a dedicated UCSF Health Hub team member, your personal UCSF Health Hub Connect Navigator, will connect you to the advisor best suited for your needs within two-weeks, guaranteed!

Lastly, throughout this process your profile remains completely confidential and is only shared with the identified advisor.

Apply Today as an Advisor: As a first step please create your advisor profile, which highlights your experiences, expertise and special interests.  Once your profile is completed, you’ll receive notices of potential matches that are carefully curated in order to match you with companies that align with your skills and interests.

Upon being matched with a company, you can move forward and take advantage of our sample agreements to best maximize a successful outcome for both you and the company.  We advocate working directly with the matched company to finalize the terms and tenure of the advising relationship.

In the period following the match, the UCSF Health Hub Connect Navigator will periodically touch base on the connection to ensure the connection is working well for both sides.