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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Finding quality healthcare and navigating health benefit options is increasingly complicated for today’s overwhelmed employee. In fact: •25% of people give up on navigating their benefits out of sheer confusion (Alight Mindset Study, 2021) •53% of people are unhappy with their medical decisions because they lack the right information (Alight Mindset Study, 2021) •20% of people with a serious condition will be misdiagnosed (Mayo Clinic, 2020) HR leaders have sought to give their people personalized, expert healthcare guidance. Yet, the struggle continues to reach stressed employees at the right times, grapple with point solution fatigue and program underutilization, and aiming support the unique healthcare needs of individuals while maximizing the overall value of their benefits investment. Alight Total Guidance bridges the gap between employees and simpler, smarter healthcare decisions. Our navigation model uses data to cut through the complexity, heal fragmentation, and create one connected experience. Sitting on the Alight Worklife platform, our technology and robust analytics scale to drive better engagement and help today’s employees make more confident decisions around their health and wellbeing—every day, and in the moments that matter most.

Tech Differentiators

Alight is uniquely differentiated by our ability to run across benefits administration, payroll, retirement and—most critically—healthcare navigation, with the Alight Worklife platform serving as the single entry point that empowers more confident decisions for an employee’s overall wellbeing. No other organization can optimize the entire benefits ecosystem, leveraging rich AI/ML capabilities to personalize recommendations and engage employees to act on decisions for healthier minds, bodies, and wallets. With Alight Total Guidance services stitched into fabric of our platform: •We deliver earlier engagement with access to benefits, financial, clinical, and non-clinical data, allowing us to identify needs much earlier in the journey than anyone else. •We deliver ROI through earlier interventions, changing the trajectory of care. •We drive more engagement with an average 13 interactions/employee per year and over 23 touches per year for high-cost claimants, the highest rates in the navigation category. •We ensure the best possible care is delivered end-to-end with our newly launched Clinical Collaboration Center, which enables our Medical Allies to collaborate directly with clinical teams at point solutions and health plans, co-piloting better outcomes. •We drive better, more appropriate utilization to point solutions, with fees at risk. Alight is best positioned with our technology, solutions, and scale to help employers optimize the value of the benefits offered to their employees while improving the health and productivity of their workforce.


Alight Total Guidance demonstrates validated financial and clinical impact in the form of ROI and outcomes. Economic Impact •$407 average savings generated per navigation solution delivered •$26,125 average savings per case from avoided surgery •The Validation Institute has validated the following: oAlight guarantees a $1:1 ROI for surgery decision support services based on participation, treatment verification, and cost calculations. Employers can help employees avoid inappropriate, high-variation elective surgeries. https://validationinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Alight-Solutions-ContractualIntegrity-final.pdf oAlight directs participants to lower cost providers who meet quality standards, reducing medical costs while maintaining quality of care. Employers saw an average savings of 20% compared to participants that did not change providers. https://validationinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Alight-Solutions-final.pdf •Alight offers a 100% ROI guarantee. Our ROI methodology has been validated by external review. We measure ROI by comparing the expected episodic cost to the cost of the Alight-recommended providers. Savings are reported throughout the measurement period. Amount saved is compared to fees paid; if savings are less than the guaranteed amount, Alight credits the difference. Clinical Outcomes •88% of participants report improved clinical outcomes (changed to ‘best practices’ treatment, minimized side effects, avoided treatment, received incorrect diagnosis, added specialist/changed doctor, changed hospitals, and improved quality of life/ wellness/physical health) •21% of diagnoses are corrected or changed based on an expert medical opinion •72% treatment plans are corrected or changed based on an expert medical opinion •Our predictive algorithm identifies approximately 70% of the top five high-cost, high-variation elective surgeries before they occur. With outreach, 20-40% avoid surgery.

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