Track & Award Category Information

Our awards program recognizes pioneering healthcare innovations globally.

Rising Stars & Best In Class Awards

The 2024 Awards Season spotlights our Rising Star and Best in Class winners, honoring their potential as the next big companies in excellence and innovation, while paying tribute to the continued innovation and impact of our Best in Class companies in digital health.

Rising Stars

  • have less than 50 employees or FTEs
  • were founded in past five years (2019 or later)
  • have product that is in market or market trials (FDA approval, but not a requirement)
  • have referenceable customers (customers’ quotes or video testimonials is recommended)
  • is currently or is projecting minimum of $500,000 in sales or ARR by the end of 2024
  • have typically raised a seed or series A round
Each company can only submit one entry in the best-fit category.

Best in Class

  • have at least one in-market solution and can demonstrate significant growth, solid traction and existing customers
  • have 50 or more employees or FTEs
  • have typically raised the average Series B or beyond
While companies are encouraged to submit only one entry in the best-fit category, a maximum of two entries will be considered if there are multiple distinctive product lines. A company can only reach the finalist round in one category.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer the track criteria as suggested guidelines, not mandatory requirements, to help companies decide which track is holistically the best fit for their company.