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Awards 2024

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June 1st
The Digital Health Hub Foundation Awards recognizes the achievements of innovative health tech companies that are dramatically improving healthcare through the use of technology in the digital health industry. In the 2024 season, we will feature two tracks and 11 categories, including two new qualitative stories categories.
As we set our sights on the 2024 season, excitement is building for the wave of applications from health tech companies around the globe. With an anticipated influx of entries, we're eager to witness the profound impact of technology on digital health.

From this diverse pool of applicants, a select group will advance as quarterfinalists, showcasing excellence in innovation. As the competition progresses to the final stage, anticipation mounts for the grand finale. Here, we will honor the best-in-class winners and celebrate the emerging talents shaping the digital health landscape. Join us on this exhilarating journey into the future of healthcare innovation at the Digital Health Hub Foundation Awards in 2024.
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