UCSF Digital Health Awards 2020


The Judging Process:

Our judging process will begin once the application deadline closes. The process is streamlined. All eligible submissions in every category will be analyzed, evaluated, and scored by our distinguished panel of 250+ distinguished, independent, non-compensated judges made up of healthcare visionaries, physicians, government officials, clinicians, analysts, VCs and other luminaries.

The scoring process is standardized across categories, and is based on clearly defined criteria and assessment scales that allow for a fair and equitable assessment of each entry.

The Judging Criteria:

In the preliminary round, the companies are qualified on a set of parameters that to determine the top 14 entries in each category as quarter-finalists:

  • In-Market: Is the solution in-market? Is it purchasable by patients, payers or providers in the US?
  • Functionality: Does the product or the solution deliver as promised? What specific outcomes are you improving?
  • Validation: Does the product or the solution really work?Is it FDA approved? Does it have verifiable success stories and customer testaments to its efficacy?
  • Customer Traction: Is the product or the solution widely used, and is customer referenceable?

The quarter-finalists are then evaluated on the following criteria to determine the top 4 entries in each category as semi-finalists:

  • Innovation: Does the product or the solution introduce a new capability of significant improvement?
  • Impact: How has the product or the solution helped improve the standard of care and improved patient outcomes while improving user satisfaction?
  • Value: Does the product or the solution help reduce the overall cost of healthcare and is it cost-effective?

The winner in each category is then chosen among the semi-finalists based on a set of refined criteria that include:

  • Reimbursement: Is the product or the solution reimbursed by a national or private insurance player?
  • Evidence: What evidence of benefit has the product or the solution established? Has it been validated by a clinical trial or a research study?
  • Differentiation: Does the product or the solution represent a true breakthrough in the cluttered market by providing a totally new, or a greater/more useful functionality than other solutions?

A glimpse at into the judging process in 2020:

2020 company submissions are now closed.