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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Since 2010, HealthTap’s digital platform has evolved to continually meet the needs of millions of Americans in search of accessible healthcare or medical advice. At its start, HealthTap offered a novel doctor crowdsourcing approach – where people could ask questions and get answers from real doctors. More than 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties volunteered their time to answer patient questions – an unprecedented feat for an online service. As the demand for online healthcare grew, the company shifted and became one of the first nationwide virtual urgent care telemedicine solutions where consumers could engage in live video chats with doctors to get diagnoses and treatment. Now, unlike most telehealth solutions that still primarily provide urgent care, HealthTap has positioned itself as a leader in virtual primary care, providing a holistic approach to care that addresses the everyday health concerns of Americans by keeping them in touch with the same doctor they chose over the long-run, via direct video and text communication.

Tech Differentiators

Unlike most other telehealth companies who cater to enterprise customers, HealthTap is one-hundred percent focused on consumers. By shifting focus away from the needs of insurance companies and employers, and instead, onto consumers with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) approach, HealthTap is implementing change in the healthcare industry at a grassroots level. By offering personalized, empathetic, ongoing care from high-quality doctors, HealthTap is revolutionizing the consumer’s experience with virtual healthcare. This approach offers consumers – especially those who are underinsured or without good medical benefits – simple, affordable healthcare that they love, and at the same time, creates an experience for providers that they enjoy.


Keeping healthcare affordable for Americans is a part of HealthTap’s mission. Data from our subscribers shows that the average yearly savings for HealthTap members are $344 for individuals and $1,350 for families.

Why Us