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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Every senior should have have access to high-quality coverage and care, no matter their education, neighborhood, or socio-economics. But Social Determinants of Health tell us that it’s typically the wealthy and educated with the greatest access. Connie Health’s consumer-centered approach strips away the barriers to access and increases health equity amongst senior communities. Typical barriers include not knowing how to access healthcare resources, and complex Medicare terminology, rules and regulations. When unsure how the pieces of the Medicare systems fit together, it can be stifling to take a step in any direction. This can result in enrolling in a plan that doesn’t suit the consumer’s needs, or is low quality or unnecessary high cost. It can also be difficult to choose a quality provider. With Connie Health’s Medicare Navigation Platform, consumers access quality healthcare no matter their education, neighborhood, or economics. The Platform provides unbiased plan recommendations based on the consumer’s unique care and benefit needs. And the Connie Care Team helps customers navigate their benefits. Our consumer-centered approach ensures they feel empowered and supported throughout their journey. At Connie Health we understand that coverage and care are coupled. After all, Medicare is a healthcare system not an insurance product. Health insurance is also high engagement and the consumer’s needs change over time. With our Medicare Navigation Platform and Connie Care Team, we’re increasing the ability to see and pay for good, quality healthcare.

Tech Differentiators

We are the only solution that helps older Americans navigate healthcare from end-to-end. The brokerage industry is primarily concerned about selling policies. Whether the Medicare consumer gets their policy from a call center or a traditional broker, it’s a similar experience. Once they sign up for a plan, they’re at the mercy of the insurance plan or the provider. Some plans and providers do a terrific job, but their interests are never completely aligned with the consumer. There isn’t a single player in the industry that helps seniors navigate their healthcare journey. That’s where Connie Health is different. We provide unbiased consumer healthcare recommendations that are best for the consumers’ health and budget. And our local advisors are part of the community they serve. Because our advisors are within driving distance of our customers, they are experts in their healthcare market and embedded in the social fabric of the community. Connie Health advisors are uniquely positioned to help consumers throughout their Medicare journey, which could last 20 or more years. Our white-glove concierge service supports our customers in finding the best doctors and understanding their plan to take advantage of its benefits. We also support our customers through often complex and stressful billing dilemmas - even if it requires extensive communication with a plan or provider. Our Connie Care Team provides consistent, continuous support post-enrollment and for our customer’s entire Medicare journey, no matter what arises.


Connie Health is piggybacking off Medicare Advantage and Value-Based clinical care performance. Our job is to deal with the social determinants and then get members enrolled in the highest performing plans with the best providers and let them do the rest. If a member is on a high quality Medicare Advantage plan, with a good provider, outcomes go up, costs go down and older Americans save money and get better care.

Why Us