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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

DexCare empowers health systems to deliver exceptional patient access that is aligned and balanced with their resources and operations. “Access Optimization” is the key to making the digital transformation enduring and effective. Unfortunately, most health systems still struggle to do so, despite investing billions of dollars in digital. 70% of health systems have combined disparate point solutions that are disconnected and sub-optimized for consumers, providers, and service lines. Powered by data-driven intelligence, DexCare enables health systems to address barriers to making digitally-enabled care work. DexCare is enabling better digital care in multiple settings (retail, urgent, primary, specialty), modalities (virtual, in-person), and health systems (integrated delivery networks, regional networks, academic medical centers) across the U.S. DexCare expands the accessibility of care, and these benefits reach stakeholders in every part of the journey. For patients, DexCare increases awareness of, and access to, the ideal care options based on their own needs through a simplified, convenient search. As 80% of patients begin the process of booking an appointment and “drop off” before they complete it, missing out on important and potentially life-saving care. For providers, the platform enables optimization and balancing across care modalities, service lines, and provider types which allows for cross selling. Ultimately, DexCare ensures that health systems and providers acquire and retain patients, deliver care in the most efficient and effective manner to those patients, and improve access so patients receive the care they need, all built into their existing EMR.

Tech Differentiators

DexCare stands out because of the access optimization that the platform provides. DexCare fully integrates with an EMR and works right alongside existing workflows and systems—leveraging investments to increase patient revenue and decrease cost-of-care. The seamless integration of DexCare on an existing EMR platform creates a useful and connected experience across applications. Providing one unified experience causes greater consumer engagement and satisfaction, as well as increased transactional and downstream revenue compared to EMR-native and point solutions. DexCare offers consumers a fully digital experience, including booking, registration, payments, and reminders that increases patient satisfaction, reduces missed appointments, and simplifies the patient experience. Not only does DexCare provide access optimization, but also cross-selling modalities. Patients can choose to schedule an appointment with an alternate primary care provider/supporting clinician of the same group, on demand virtually, or at the closest retail clinic. Doing so helps customers leverage their investments in more effective ways for patient acquisition and resource optimization. Dexcare’s hope is that health systems will be inspired to look at digital health and data-driven operational tools differently and explore the ways these tools can work together to create a seamless digital interface and patient experience – with the driving motivation of making health systems more operationally efficient, creating less clinician burnout, and creating a stable future for the healthcare system.


Since implementing DexCare’s platform powered by data intelligence, Providence has been able to improve digital access to care for consumers, bring significantly more new patients into the health system, retain those patients and increase downstream revenue from the influx of new patients. DexCare conducted a case study that shows what Providence has achieved with DexCare in 2021, as shown by the following quantitative improvement metrics: - 65% increase in percentage of patients scheduling digitally-enabled visits via DexCare’s ecosystem - 30% increase in acquisition of net new patients to the health system - 30% of patients are returning to the health system within a year - Cumulatively, the NPS score for all DexCare customers in 2021 averaged 97* out of 28,448 total responses - Assumes savings of $15.50 for digitally-enabled patients with a 10% adoption rate - $7.00 in savings per every digitally-enabled visit instead of using the Providence call center - $836.00 90 day downstream spend by net new patients acquired into the system

Why Us