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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Now more than ever, patients are asking for pricing information and lower-cost options prior to receiving care. They are becoming active consumers, and want to feel empowered when making decisions about how they spend their money. At the same time, healthcare organizations are looking to improve margins by streamlining processes and reducing unnecessary administrative work. In many cases, care teams spend upwards of 20 hours a week focused on prior authorizations - time that could be better spent interfacing with patients. Finally, providers are often striving to improve patient conversations and the overall patient experience. They are asking for EHR-integrated tools that provide accurate patient data and can help them make informed decisions at the point-of-care. Deloitte Insights recently found that 72% of physicians value pricing information, but only 28% have access to this information. Data accuracy and interoperability, especially within the EHR ecosystem, are of the utmost importance when thinking about patient outcomes, and Arrive Health is working to connect disparate data sources to greatly improve care workflows. Arrive Health's solutions empower patients and providers with accurate, patient-specific coverage and cost information. This EHR-embedded technology flags care that requires prior authorization and recommends lower-cost options. The technology also improves patient relationships with their providers, and allows health systems to improve care-plan adherence, reduce administrative burden, and drive revenue to their in-house services. By better aligning financial expectations and clinical decision support, we are able to improve patient outcomes and overall health.

Tech Differentiators

Arrive Health offers the most accurate, patient-specific cost/coverage solution in the market, and is the most innovative offering in the EHR category. Many tools aggregate historical data to show estimated patient costs. Instead, we have direct connections with the largest payers/PBMs in the country to show the exact cost the patient will pay for their care, in real-time. Further, Arrive Health is health-system owned and collaboratively led by its client community (investors include: Providence, UCHealth, Froedtert, and more). This means that we focus on enhancements our health system clients want and develop meaningful product updates and innovative features. An example of this includes our ability to display the price of care within a health system's own four walls - something that many vendors are not incentivized to do. Additionally, Arrive Health is singularly focused on being the best EHR-integrated vendor in-market. This allows us to iterate on our offering, and develop features like: providing clinically-relevant alternatives at the point-of-care; filtering out first-line therapies when second-line therapies are prescribed; and matching ordered units with payer/PBM standards (mL, gram, each) to reduce error rates in transactions. Arrive Health is tightly aligned with the goals of organizations like UCSF, and we are continually working to improve the flow of information to every meaningful constituent within the health system. Unlike many vendors in this category, we offer our solution at NO-COST to health systems - which allows us to singularly focus on driving improved patient outcomes, lower costs, and better access to information.


Arrive Health's solutions are used by many health systems across the country. Many of these systems have gone on the record (either in written articles or video format) and noted the success they have had working with us. In particular, we work closely with UCHealth in Colorado and were able to run an analysis demonstrating their success. Across 2021, 4,600+ physicians requested information through our tools, 48% of providers made a switch to a lower-cost option, 5.1% of prior authorizations were avoided, and over 10,000 prescriptions were redirected to a UCHealth pharmacy. These metrics highlight our success in driving lower-cost care and a more seamless patient/provider experience. For Children's Hospital Colorado, 8.1% of prior authorizations were avoided and we saved patients an average of $103! The success stories are plentiful. Some quotes from end-users and physician leaders include: - "Arrive Health is transforming how we deliver care." - “For every callback from a pharmacy, we average half an hour of work and everyone gets involved. It’s a huge waste of time. Arrive Health helps us avoid prior authorization altogether.” - "This took two seconds and saved the patient, the pharmacy, and our clinic the hassle of dealing with this substitution, in addition to saving the patient $200. That's the difference between the patient picking up and taking their med, and skipping it altogether." - “This is fantastic! Especially where there are plenty of alternatives, but it’s not easy to know which one is going to be covered.”

Why Us