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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The digital health industry is full of single-point solutions that address single issues within an individual's health, such as one chronic condition or social need, without considering how these factors impact the full picture of an individual's health. With many of our competitors, patients are only able to address one condition at a time: with Pack Health, members are able to address all of their conditions, and how they interact with each other, simultaneously. Pack Health provides "wrap-around" patient engagement that includes one-to-one health coaching for nearly thirty chronic conditions, custom content development and education, and tangible resources to address social determinants, all on one platform. The combination of our all-in-one solution with our human-to-human approach delivers the personalized, patient-centric experience that patients are asking for and need. Pack Health stands out from the crowd through our ability to gather a full picture of patient health and help patients take action to address their particular combination of healthcare utilization. For example, Pack Health can help one member find an in-network PCP and help make another aware of an available resource based on their particular need. Pack Health is able to conduct unique navigation service offerings due to our one-to-one engagement allowing us to learn, listen, and understand each patient's unique circumstances. Further, Pack Health's unmatched approach to facilitating the human-to-human connection is designed to support individuals at their individual level of change readiness, as well as in ways that are best for their health.

Tech Differentiators

In a world becoming inherently automated and silo’d, Pack Health provides the necessary middle ground between the convenience of technology and the warmth of human connection to help individuals achieve better health. Pack Health provides reliable, comprehensive engagement to members with compassion and transparency. We believe that a little human-to-human support can go a long way and believe it’s one of the better ways to better health. Some of our other differentiators include: • We prioritize simplistic, yet impactful engagement. With many of our competitors, members might be required to use an app, a scale, or some digital technology. We don't want to be another password to remember or another app on your phone. We lead with the human relationship, which is where real connection is made. • We believe in the power of creating sustainable change. We help our clients and members feel equipped and empowered to make change, collaboratively and without shame. Unlike some of our competitors, we’re not here to overhaul diets or re-create the wheel. We believe the little modifications, which we call Tiny Steps, create big and lasting change. • We get “in the weeds” with our members and our clients. We know every person, company, and community is different. We want to listen, learn, and understand. We're here to get creative and innovate with our members and clients. With Pack Health, we won't make you fit into a box based on a solution we think is right; we’ll collaboratively work together to create the best possible outcome.


Pack Health has done several ROI studies based on claims analysis performed by a third party: - In a sample of 115 participants based on claims, we saw a significant decrease in inpatient expenditures and an average $5.35:$1 return on investment. - In a sample of 314 participants based on claims, we saw a statistically significant improvement in PCP visits, HbA1c tests, and diabetes adherence. - In a sample of 1161 participants based on claims, when comparing a Pack Health treatment group to a control group, the treatment group initially experienced higher medical expenditures prior to the intervention period but lower health expenditures beyond 180 days of enrollment. These reductions were driven by lower average inpatient expenditures.

Why Us