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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

As the pandemic unfolded, hospitals and clinics got overloaded with patients. Ratios Nurse to Patients were increased heavily, making the job of nurses and other clinical staff extremely tiring and stressful. Real and false alarms were creating additional fatigue for medical staff. When hospitals tried to increase the number of clinical staff, they faced not only difficulties due to a shortage of clinical people, but they had to increase wages by up to 50% in order to be able to maintain the current ones. With Covid-19 going away, the issue of nursing shortages is staying around and our tech and platform is solving this problem while reducing the cost to health systems. Our technology is allowing nurses to virtually monitor more patients and filter alerts before they reach nurses on the frontline. In this way, our tech is allowing hospitals to have a better nurse-to-patient ratio while also improving the working conditions for nurses on the frontline.

Tech Differentiators

We provide a single platform across all use cases from inpatient to outpatient, closing the gap on the continuum of care, as a result, lowering readmissions. Our platform, AI models, and hardware are all built in-house and IP is owned by Solaborate, giving us an edge on customization we can provide for customers, at a lower cost.


We work closely with Chief Nursing Informatics Officers and their clinical informatics specialists in different health systems to demonstrate clinical ROI where we have been able to extract some important data based on real case scenarios. Some health systems have reported that a 25% reduction in falls has been demonstrated while using our technology. In addition, we also work with Heads of Operations and key financial experts to extract data on economic ROI. Currently, the data on economic ROI is showing that a reduction in the cost of up to 80% is in place for a 1:1 sitting scenario due to our technology.

Why Us