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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

According to Google, there are 150 billion healthcare questions today, and unfortunately the complexity of the healthcare system leads people to make the wrong decisions about their care - if they access healthcare at all. Pager helps to guide people through their healthcare experience. With the ability to quickly connect to an experienced healthcare professional - in a communication mechanism that is convenient for any patient - we provide access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Through our system, we resolve 66% of all visits in a virtual environment, and eliminate the need to triage patients to urgent care or the ER, ultimately saving time and money for payers, providers, and patients. Ease of use and improved health literacy among Pager users eliminates fear of the healthcare system and improves patient retention, ultimately improving overall health outcomes.

Tech Differentiators

Current in-market virtual care organizations provide point solutions, solving one particular problem for a patient (i.e. telemedicine). With the Pager platform, we see things differently: Healthcare is not about just getting care, it’s the whole picture. From seeking the right advice on where to go and who to see, to getting care, and ultimately receiving aftercare check-ins, Pager provides a 360 degree view of the patient lifecycle that no other virtual care company offers, in a platform that is easy to navigate and comfortable for the user.


Because we are able to steer patients in the right care direction (i.e. seeing an in-network provider vs. going to the emergency room), we have helped payer organizations save $210 per member chat interaction. This ROI cost savings is based on a 5+ year relationship with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and their cohort of over 2.5M members.

Why Us