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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Healthcare data is staggeringly complex and hard to navigate for enterprises trying to make decisions about their business. The legacy model is to simply deliver the data to customers, shifting the burden to the customer when it comes to data management, curation, and analysis. Komodo has not only built the industry’s “ground truth” of healthcare insights with its Healthcare Map, but has turned that into the foundation for the first full-stack enterprise healthcare analytics platform. We’ve reduced the complexities of building actionable, patient-centric applications and solutions by providing the data, infrastructure, analytics, and development support via a single solution: Sentinel. For instance, Invitae is a medical genetics company that offers testing across oncology, reproductive health, pediatrics, and rare diseases. While it had a depth of genomics data through its primary business offering, it was seeking longitudinal patient journey data to add breadth to its dataset – and the data infrastructure management and security support to launch a full-scale clinicogenomic RWE solution. Alone, it would have taken decades to build out that longitudinal dataset as well as an infrastructure to support its vision of becoming a data software business. By using Sentinel to securely link its data with the Healthcare Map within Komodo’s platform, Invitae has built a net-new solution that combines its proprietary data and genomic expertise with Komodo’s longitudinal data and analytic firepower. Invitae is now able to generate RWE research that can advance precision medicine, support earlier intervention for at-risk populations, and integrate comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine.

Tech Differentiators

Data aggregators have played a role in Life Sciences decision-making for decades, yet the data has always been stagnant, fraught with gaps, and delivered in a format that stymies the innovation necessary to solve complex healthcare challenges. Instead, Komodo differentiates itself not only through the depth, breadth, and diversity of the Healthcare Map, but also through a platform approach that represents the future of our industry. Via Sentinel, we now provide a unified platform for analysts, data scientists, and software engineers to perform research and build applications directly on our Healthcare Map. Our platform offers major advantages for builders: - Robust data environment: With Sentinel, innovators can link their own data with our Healthcare Map or third party datasets to form the bedrock of new applications. - Developer tooling: Komodo’s APIs and analytic modules mean that data scientists are ingesting data in a form that is already usable and use-case specific. - Embedded analytics: With Komodo’s suite of constantly evolving and expanding analytics, users can jumpstart development of whatever they are looking to build – leading to disruption of healthcare incumbents. - Security first: Komodo manages HIPAA controls and provides a secure data infrastructure so developers can focus on iterating quickly on their own visions. We are empowering and inviting enterprises across the entire healthcare ecosystem to join us in disrupting legacy healthcare processes by using Komodo’s capabilities and insights to address the full spectrum of challenges in healthcare, from finding rare disease patients to improving provider engagement to understanding and improving disparities in care.


Komodo customer PicnicHealth’s flagship product is a digital tool that gives patients ownership of their medical data by aggregating each patient’s medical records into a comprehensive, accessible dashboard. In service of deepening the understanding of complex diseases, like multiple sclerosis (MS), patients have also “donated” their medical records to research. However, PicnicHealth’s data didn’t have the right level of depth on its own, nor did they have the machine learning capabilities or the infrastructure for meaningful analysis without additional technology support. To address these challenges, PicnicHealth built its research platform using Sentinel. The company has now collected records from 5000+ MS patients, which are linked with the Healthcare Map to gain insight into patterns in symptoms and comorbidities, demographic and geographic detail, clinical decision-making, and more. In partnership with Genentech, PicnicHealth is in the process of both retrospective and prospective chart abstractions and have already published several studies validating the power of their approach — all built with Sentinel. Komodo’s data-linking, infrastructure, and advanced analytics are allowing them to uncover novel insights about the clinical profile of individuals with MS before disease onset, new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, current patterns in provision of healthcare for MS, and the impact on clinical and radiological outcomes. This is all in service of better efficiency, cost, and quality of care for every MS patient — and PicnicHealth has already started enrollment for similar studies in dozens of other disease states, from sickle cell disease to type 1 diabetes to Alzheimer’s Disease.

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