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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

According to the WHO.org, more than 71% of the yearly global deaths are being caused by preventable diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and diabetic diseases – resulting in huge human suffering and devastating impacts on economies. With healthcare shifting into prevention and wellness and with a huge shortage of over 18 million medical staff forecasted by 2030 by the same WHO.org, people are constantly pushed into achieving and maintaining good levels of physical and mental wellbeing. But in spite of their efforts, there are truly no universally accessible tools to allow them to easily monitor the improvements made in their health status and most important, help them and their carers identify and prevent health deteriorations in time. Binah.ai's ability to extract vital signs with the end-user only looking at the camera of a device they already posses, like a smartphone, removes the need for wearables or any other dedicated hardware device, allowing everyone, everywhere, to easily keep track of their general health status. By allowing anyone to measure and share with their healthcare providers and payers personal, objective, real-time health data, Binah.ai's technology significantly boost the efficiency of preventive medicine, empowers personalized care, at lower costs and with much greater ease of use for patients, no matter how far they are from the medical facilities. Developed and tested with high-quality results on a very broad scale of human color skin, from the fairest to the darkest, Binah.ai offers unique opportunities for increased equity in healthcare services, for underserved populations and locations.

Tech Differentiators

1. The unprecedented speed and ease of use- Binah.ai provides an excellent user experience and renders vital sign monitoring non-invasive and contactless. Users can extract vital signs measurements in approximately one minute, just by looking at the front-facing camera of a smartphone, tablet or laptop camera. 2. 100% software-based- removes wearables friction, including costs, maintenance, shipping, charging, usability limitation, upgrades, accessibility, and more. 3. Seamless integration and delivery- SDK integration in a matter of days or instant access to ready-to-use application. 4.Supports all environmental conditions- alternative contact-based (PPG) measurement, with a finger touching the device’s rear camera, may be used when the user is in complete darkness 5. Broad, flexible support: Binah SDK supports iOS, Android, Windows, as web browsers. It is supported by a large variety of hardware platforms such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart mirrors and fridges, kiosks and more. 6. No demographic dependencies- Binah’s SDK solely requires a camera feed. The technology does not need any identifiable, personal features (like eyes) and supports any skin color or gender. (no need for age, weight, or height to get accurate results) 7. No privacy or data regulation concerns - users may opt to keep all data on their devices. Binah customers have full ownership of the data. 8. Internet connection is not required - the entire process runs on the edge. 9. No need to install an application - Binah.ai's technology can be embedded in web pages. 10. Binah.ai offers two measuring options: contactless - by face (rPPG) and by finger (using PPG).


As we do not have access to end-users' health data, studies are being usually conducted by our customers.

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