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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and dysfunction is literally the top cause of global disability. Over-utilization of inappropriate care is a global crisis with costs out of control and growing. Evidence-based medicine is not followed at large, with a heavy over-utilization of imaging and inappropriate surgery. Unnecessary spine surgery rates reach over 50% and unnecessary knee surgery approaches 30%. MSK drives the opiate crisis and is one of the most expensive healthcare sectors. However, most primary care providers, orthopedic surgeons, and spine neurosurgeons are not well trained in nonoperative conservative care which further drives unnecessary care. There has been a rise in virtual physical therapy offerings, but these companies only drive partial value because an integrated multidisciplinary medical practice with a new care model is required to be able to diagnose patients, write prescriptions, care navigate, order appropriate imaging, and offer shared decision making based on patient goals. To fill these missing gaps, we created Vori Health which is a nationwide, virtual-first, musculoskeletal (MSK) medical practice focused on evidence-based care that treats the whole person. We employ specialty physician-led integrated care teams inclusive of physical therapy. In addition to full care teams, Vori Health offers improved content, data analytics, social communities, and more fun. Let's be honest, medical care is usually boring and we strongly view this as an unmet need at large in healthcare. We combine evidence-based, appropriate care with outstanding integrated care teams with a strong focus on engagement. We are the only nationwide, employed virtual-first MSK medical practice.

Tech Differentiators

We are a nationwide, medical practice with integrated care teams and a redesigned, awesome care model. This means Vori Health takes care of the broadest set of conditions, including pain to fracture management to bone health, compared to the competition. We are able to render an actual medical diagnosis and start care within 24-48 hours, which are things PT only practices cannot do. We write evidence-based prescriptions, order imaging & labs, preoperative risk stratify patients, postoperatively manage patients, and work with patients on their contributing comorbidities. We have a large focus on reducing paternalism because medicine usually tells people what to do and does not actually talk to people about options. We flip this on its head and put the patient truly first by building care plans based on the member’s desires and needs. Instead of asking the traditional “What’s the Matter with the Patient”, we focus on “What Matters to the Patient.” We believe our superpower is that we go far beyond PT point solutions, practice medicine in all 50 states, put the patient first through heavy shared decision making, deliver an amazing experience synchronously and asynchronously, while also operating in a diversity of economic models to best support our partners, including fee-for-service, bundles, and risk-based models. We have built amazing technology to support the patient and our care teams. Our platform delivers true, integrated, customizable MSK medical care and offer significantly more functionality and flexibility compared to the competition … and we are just getting started.


We recently validated our back and knee clinical models with a well-known nationwide actuarial firm (awaiting legal release to publish) in both commercial and Medicare populations. For nonoperative conservative care we demonstrate up to a 4:1 ROI through a reduction in surgery, imaging, injections, and ER visits. Our preoperative optimization program which includes a number of optimization levers for members including smoking cessation to reduce failed surgical fusions, weight loss & nutritional care for BMI > 38 given the known increase risk of surgical site infection from obesity, diabetic A1C > 8 given known increase in surgical infection, anemia treatment, pre- and post-rehabilitation and many other parameters demonstrates a 7:1 – 13:1 ROI depending on the condition and baseline health of the member population we are working with. We are in the middle of doing a claims ROI analysis for our neck, hip, and shoulder patients. Clinical outcomes include over 85% care completion rate, NPS 82, over 70% of patients improving on PROMIS-10 (inclusive of physical and mental health), and at least 70% pain improvement at 6 weeks. Several of these parameters are better or faster than the competition. For those less technological savvy, we have hybrid care with some of our Medicare Advantage partners in which we place physical therapy inside the PCP office. We have been impressed by the results. We are in the middle of writing up this hybrid and facilitated telemedicine experience and will publish it later this calendar year.

Why Us