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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

A significant gap in the healthcare industry is the ability to identify and engage hard-to-reach patient populations. Patients who lose engagement with their providers or who are unable to receive the care they need due to social, environmental, or financial factors are considered high risk if they also have one or more chronic conditions. Lightbeam bridges this gap by leveraging comprehensive patient data, prescriptive AI insights, and automated patient outreach. Lightbeam is the only solution that allows healthcare organizations to identify their at-risk and rising-risk patients while providing clinical teams with valuable patient health insights at an individual level and the steps needed to best address any problems, symptoms, or conditions. Our platform segments populations and then directs providers to the patients that require the most attention and intervention Focusing on higher risk or rising risk patients impact patient lives and healthcare costs by keeping patients healthier in their day-to-day lives and out of healthcare facilities.

Tech Differentiators

Lightbeam's full solution suite transforms health insights into actionable outcomes. Like paint-by-numbers, every data point is used to create a complete picture of each patient's health. From there, Lightbeam offers customizable solutions that enable providers and healthcare organizations to make meaningful impacts on their population. These include clinical services from a team of skilled nurses, prescriptive, AI-driven solutions, and deviceless remote patient monitoring. With the combined capabilities of Lightbeam’s data aggregation, Jvion’s prescriptive AI, and CareSignal’s deviceless RPM, we offer the only all-in-one solution that allows healthcare organizations to identify their high-risk patients and perform necessary outreach that is both accessible to and trusted by the patient.


Assessment of Postoperative Opioid Stewardship using a Novel Electronic-based Automated Text and Phone Messaging Platform: The deviceless remote patient monitoring platform demonstrated high engagement and accessibility as over 80% of patients engaged with more than half of all messages. The platform enabled patients to report opioid usage, pain, refill requests, and disposal behaviors to their clinician. At the conclusion of the program, only 3.2% of patients requested an opioid refill after their initial prescription. Patient-reported satisfaction with the level of communication via the platform and the platform experience was extremely positive; 96% of patients reported high satisfaction with the level of communication with their provider and with their experience using the platform. Chronic Care Management Programs Help Kootenai Care Network Reduce Costs, Improve Outcomes: Leveraging Lightbeam’s industry-leading analytics, Kootenai Care Network, a large, clinically integrated network that spans northern Idaho and Spokane, Washington, transformed their chronic care management programs into data-driven patient engagement campaigns. The outcomes were: i.12% decrease in total medical PMPM expenditures ii.16% decrease in total professional PMPM expenditures iii.13% decrease in total inpatient PMPM expenditures iv.26% decrease in hospital admissions per thousand patients v.15% decrease in ED visits per thousand patients

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