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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Six in 10 Americans live with at least one chronic health condition, and 33% of them report worsening symptoms during the pandemic. The experience of being diagnosed and seeking a "new normal" proves very isolating for many. People often don't know anyone else in real life who shares their diagnosis, so they are increasingly turning to digital tools and online communities for connection, information, and support. Each social network from MyHealthTeam is an active, monitored, password-protected community where members can safely discuss their experiences, challenges and successes, and find objective, medically reviewed educational content.

Tech Differentiators

When people are diagnosed with a chronic health condition, they often turn first to Google for information and Facebook for connection. These sources provide a firehose of information and general support, but the next instinct people have is for a private social network dedicated to their condition. They come to MyHealthTeam to find and connect with people facing the same challenges as them. As a result of our focus and commitment, MyHealthTeams is: 1) The world’s largest and fastest-growing set of social networks in chronic health; 2) Delivering the highest patient engagement online; and 3) Utilizing a massive amount of data to tailor the consumer experience and keep our members coming back for more conversation and more information. Our unique approach to patient education is three-pronged: 1) Listen to the specific concerns of people living with a particular chronic health condition to identify unmet patient needs; 2) Address gaps in knowledge by creating and curating content that answers pressing questions, drawing information and insights from top medical experts and specialists; and 3) Address gaps in care by empowering members of our social networks with actionable tips for managing their health.


MyHealthTeam invests heavily in primary research among our 3+ million members, often in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry partners. Our studies have been published in more than 35 medical industry conferences and peer-reviewed publications. Types of research we regularly conduct include: Path to diagnosis Burden of disease Quality of Life (QoL) impact Doctor-Patient relationship Patient segmentation Barriers to treatment adherence HCP education opportunities Patient experiences with therapies Patient input on clinical trial design Patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

Why Us