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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

There exists a wide resource, support, and access gap in healthcare for women and families. Ovia Health is a digital platform that fills that gap by transforming episodic care into continuous support, improving family wellbeing, and fostering positive outcomes. Ovia Health not only empowers members to become better advocates for their health and the health of their families through educational resources, peer connection, clinically backed research, and one-on-one health coaching, it also gives employers and health plans the ability to improve outcomes for their employees and members and reduce unnecessary healthcare spending. Ovia Health was the first maternal and family health solution built specifically to empower families through data and information, informing fertility and family planning decisions and allowing families and women to gain control of reproductive health. By augmenting benefits and wellness offerings with Ovia to address the full spectrum of family health, employers and health plans can both do good and do well—they can provide additive offerings that enhance experience and health for families, while realizing financial and operational savings. Finally, Ovia addresses a lack of similar science-backed digital health resources for individuals and organizations. Partnering with leading national institutions and research organizations, Ovia has built digital health offerings that are grounded in peer-reviewed clinical science.

Tech Differentiators

As touched upon in the previous question, Ovia stands alone in the women and family digital health platform market by nature of its evidence-based approach to virtual health. Ovia has conducted years of clinical research to elevate the standard of care for families. With 41 peer-reviewed publications and ongoing partnerships with 43 leading universities and research groups, Ovia is actively contributing to the betterment of women and family health, both on an individual basis for each member and from a macro, industry-wide perspective. Additionally, Ovia is the only family building solution accepted to the international Digital Therapeutics Alliance. As a result, Ovia stands alone as the most clinically-focused, evidenced-based family building solution on the market.


An Ovia study presented at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting in 2021 found that women who engaged with health coaches in digital preterm delivery prevention programs—like those available through Ovia Health—were more likely to receive cervical length screening at their mid-trimester appointment, a demonstrably effective way of identifying risk and avoiding preterm delivery. The study was the first of its kind to demonstrate the impact, efficacy, and degree to which digital health coaching can have positive effects on maternity outcomes. Another study determined that when given access to hospital quality data through Ovia Health, members selected higher quality hospitals with lower cesarean rates, thereby reducing the probability that they might deliver via a cesarean section that is not medically necessary. Additionally, in a soon-to-be-released study, Ovia Health will further demonstrate the efficacy of its programming through third-party validation. As of yet, however, that study is not available to the public.

Why Us