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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Sleep disorders are estimated to affect 50 - 70 million Americans. Up to 23 million people in the US suffer from sleep apnea with 82% undiagnosed. That adds up to an annual economic cost of up to $165 billion dollars. COPD is taking a toll on the US population as well. It’s estimated that there are up to 24 million people in the US with impaired lung function consistent with COPD, leading to $50 billion in annual economic costs. Health care providers caring for patients with chronic conditions such as sleep apnea and COPD struggle with a collective problem—siloed data. Siloed data in disparate systems creates barriers to patient care. Somnoware solves this problem through a web-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management. The platform orchestrates data flow between 40+ medical devices, unifies datasets within a single platform, delivers high-impact analytics, enables faster diagnosis, proactive intervention, & automated patient engagement. By streamlining diagnostic testing workflows and driving greater therapy adherence, our customers are improving treatment outcomes. More than 1,500 diagnostic testing centers use Somnoware, providing more than 1 million sleep studies annually. Problem • High costs due to therapy non-compliance & under-diagnosis of disease • Poor patient outcomes due to limited data & patient engagement technology • Wasted clinician time due to sub-optimal workflow technology & data access Somnoware Solution A web-based platform for the sleep & respiratory care market that unifies data, integrates testing devices, automates clinical workflows, and improves outcomes. • Improves outcomes & reimbursement with automated interventions • Reduces costs with one integrated platform • Saves time with workflow automation

Tech Differentiators

Somnoware is the only FedRAMP authorized respiratory care management platform, offering assurance that data is safe and has met security controls, procedures, and policies established by the Federal Government. The platform is transforming respiratory healthcare by reducing costs and improving care management. Our cloud-based software enables care providers to estimate population risk, automate diagnostic workflows, better manage chronic care, and optimize patient outcomes. We provide unique insights by driving interoperability and applying patented algorithms to patient data integrated from dozens of sources. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, our customer base includes leading healthcare systems, accountable care organizations, independent test labs, and service companies. The company offers the industry’s leading respiratory healthcare management platform that integrates with 40+ software systems, devices, and EMRs. The platform is currently used by one in five pulmonologists in the United States. Physicians get instant access to diagnostic test data, e-signature capability, one-click DME ordering, therapy compliance data, and the ability to conduct end-to-end patient care management. Diagnostic test centers can automate their complete workflow including scheduling at multiple centers, inventory management, automated reporting, therapy ordering, and accreditation.


Healthcare systems can achieve up 5x acceleration in time to diagnosis, resulting in significant reduction in cost of care and increased provider capacity.

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