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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

According to GoodRX research, over 80% of the country lacks access to adequate healthcare services. With 41 million Americans living in healthcare deserts, virtual healthcare solutions, like the ones powered by Truepill, are vital to getting people the treatment they need. And today more than ever, they’re demanding the same convenience, accessibility, and personalization they receive in other areas of their lives, like virtual banking. Truepill’s digital health solutions not only answer these demands with convenient and accessible care, but also ensure that those who need healthcare the most are able to receive it – no matter what physical barriers they face.

Tech Differentiators

Digital health experienced a gold rush during the pandemic. While the industry is coming out of that phase, the need for digital health services remains clear. Truepill’s unique B2B model represents a breakthrough in the industry, providing disruptive DTC startups and legacy institutions alike with the infrastructure needed to provide those services. As COVID-19 accelerated the shift to digital healthcare, consumers turned to services like telehealth, at-home testing, and prescription delivery over in-person visits – compelling companies across the industry to modernize extremely quickly. Many looked to Truepill for answers, knowing that our solutions would enable them to provide consumers with efficient, experiences with the brands they already knew and trusted. Today, Truepill’s impact on patients is tangible. By providing the behind-the-scenes building blocks for digital healthcare, millions of customers interact with the company without even knowing it. Whether a patient takes an at-home test, gets a prescription delivered, or consults with a doctor virtually, there’s a large chance Truepill provided the infrastructure powering that experience.



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