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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Before the pandemic, nearly 25% of people did not have a primary care doctor. PlushCare is filling this primary care gap that has been widened by the pandemic and helping patients get the physical and mental healthcare they need when they need it – regardless of access to insurance or zip code. PlushCare connects patients with top doctors across the country via phone or desktop, allowing them to establish a trusted relationship and receive personalized high-quality healthcare without the hassle of the waiting room. Through this individualized patient-doctor relationship, PlushCare doctors can proactively reach out to patients for preventive and ongoing care recommendations. The company has also expanded its mental health program. Through PlushCare’s virtual mental healthcare platform, licensed therapists are matched with patients based on their unique needs. This solution allows therapists to assist more patients and also integrate and collaborate with other healthcare providers (i.e. primary care) to inform the best whole-person care plan tailored to each patient. Finally, addressing physician burnout is essential to close the primary care gap. About 42% of doctors experienced burnout during the pandemic. PlushCare takes care of all administrative work, so its doctors and therapists can focus on providing great care. PlushCare’s unique combination of primary and mental healthcare for patients combined with world-class support for its doctor team enables the company to help more patients get back to their doctor and ultimately live healthier and happier lives.

Tech Differentiators

PlushCare’s key differentiators include: Relationship-based Care: PlushCare is transforming telehealth from a transactional experience to a long-term patient-doctor relationship for more personalized ongoing care. People-first Approach: Unlike companies that take a tech-first approach to care, PlushCare focuses on the human element, ensuring every patient has a go-to person they feel they can trust and lean on for ongoing clinical needs. It's the same model of your "hometown" doctor but without the inconvenience of the waiting room. Collaborative Care: PlushCare takes a collaborative approach to care as healthcare cannot be treated in siloes. This means that patients are offered both clinical and behavioral healthcare, so they have an integrated and holistic experience. PlushCare believes the best way to improve health outcomes is to approach care from multiple angles. Strong Corporate Momentum: PlushCare is an Accolade business unit, allowing the company to scale its services dramatically to employers and more patients across the country. Recent corporate growth highlights for PlushCare: - Joined forces with Accolade in 2021 in $450M deal - Awarded Silver for the Best In Biz, “Fastest-Growing Company of the Year” category in 2020 and Silver for the Best In Biz, “Executive of the Year” category in 2021 - Introduced Covid-19 testing option for PlushCare customers - Secured $23M in additional funding in 2020 - 4.9 star rating in the Apple App Store - Tripled staff during the pandemic


PlushCare is accredited through the URAC’s Telemedicine Accreditation Program. The program’s standards were developed in consultation with leading experts in the telehealth industry, including representatives from health care providers, technology firms, consumer organizations, insurers and academics. Industry best practices were identified in areas such as quality and coordination of care, access, safety, systems integrity and reliability, consumer protection and empowerment and regulatory compliance. PlushCare has earned a 90 Net Promoter Score.

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