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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Millions of cardiac ultrasound scans are performed annually. Yet, capturing and evaluating ultrasound images is still mostly done visually and manually, making it time-consuming, subjective, error-prone, and dependent on the user’s individual experience. In echocardiography labs, clinicians are also facing a growing volume of echo exams and a chronic shortage of personnel with the training or capacity to perform key clinical measurements for eligible patients. Some of these measurements are not even available on every device in the echo lab. These measurements give crucial indications of patients’ heart conditions and can impact decision-making processes, patient outcomes and treatment. An example of an important measurement that LVivo Seamless provides automatically for every echo patient is GLS (Strain). Strain measurement is becoming a key indicator for monitoring subclinical left ventricle (LV) dysfunction, crucial in cases of cardiotoxicity, chemotherapy patients as well as follow-up after coronary events, pre-surgery for aortic stenosis valve replacement and other valvular disease states. Many echo labs report that they would ideally perform Strain for at least 50% of echo exams, with some striving for 70%. However, most echo labs have the capacity and infrastructure to perform this important indicator on only 5-15% of echo exams. As a result, echo labs need to carefully ‘pick and choose’ which patients receive this key measurement, since they can't perform it for all. LVivo Seamless addresses these challenges, automatically offering key measurements for all qualified patients, providing better care to a wider pool of patients and dramatically improving patient treatment and follow-up.

Tech Differentiators

DiA has transformed the way Healthcare pro use and analyze ultrasound images. Users report that our technology supports their decision-making process, makes their workflow more efficient and improves patient care. Using AI-based ultrasound software is becoming an essential instrument in ultrasound users toolbox. DiA’s unique technology together with our team’s deep "know-how" and strong leadership, have resulted in regulatory approvals and successful commercial tractions that no other startup in the ultrasound AI software arena achieved to date. LVivo Seamless – as with all of DiA’s solutions – is designed with clinicians in mind, to provide a seamless workflow while making our product simple and easy to add to any ultrasound device or in healthcare IT system for remote analysis, whereas other offerings include AI solutions that can only work either on PACS/cloud/workstations, or on vendor-specific ultrasound devices. DiA’s technology-agnostic solution operates behind the scenes, running on any low-memory and -processing power systems and even on low quality ultrasound images. DiA Imaging Analysis was founded by Dr. Noah Liel, Michal Yaacobi and Hila Goldman-Aslan a group of predominantly strong women drove the change. Our advisory board includes outstanding medical scientists and physicians who provide continuous feedback on what it takes to create state-of-the art AI technology in ultrasound. DiA works continuously to expand and upgrade our technology, to make it most efficient and easy to use while providing training to clinical staff.


LVivo Seamless provides proven clinical and economic value across the healthcare continuum by impacting clinicians’ ability to use ultrasound imaging to make faster, smarter decisions, thus reducing the need for unnecessary medical procedures or lengthy hospital stays, enabling early detection and treatment, reducing the costs and consequences of medical error, and automating clinician workflow to save crucial time. LVivo Seamless also supports access to reimbursements that are otherwise not maximized with the solutions available today. LVivo Seamless has been validated in clinical studies as accurate and objective and showed that various users using LVivo Seamless, provided near-perfect inter-rater reliability with experts’ analysis: In a study conducted at Rush University Medical Center, Soroka Medical Center, Ben Gurion University of the Negev and Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, LVivo Seamless showed 95% capability to automatically identify 4CH, 2CH and 3CH views, along with excellent GLS results compared to AFI (GE Healthcare). The study also concluded that LVivo Seamless has the potential to improve echocardiography workflow and in the future may become the standard method for strain evaluation. https://lnkd.in/dKHbNpst In another study, LVivo Seamless successfully identified both 4ch and 2ch views in 97% of cases. The study also concluded that the automated previews selection and results may help set preferences for reporting urgency https://www.dia-analysis.com/_files/ugd/a4845c_c503ac549e5f43b78acfebe1a84b3db2.pdf DiA’s research in the field of ultrasound AI has been published in top journals, presented at high-profile health and medical conferences and supported several joint innovation projects with industry-leading stakeholders, including Merative, Intel and Konica Minolta. Additional publications: https://www.dia-analysis.com/publications

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