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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The reality is that the US healthcare system is so fragmented that physicians don’t have a holistic view of the patient journey, leaving them without the appropriate information to make optimal decisions. Too often they are reduced to making educated guesses about what the next course of action should be to get the best outcome. Patients witness the gaps in care that result from this lack of holistic care awareness, which raises questions like, “Is this the right doctor for me?” and, “Is this the right therapy or intervention?” Making this even more challenging for clinicians is the lack of insight into patients’ SDoH factors (i.e., conditions in outside of the clinical setting that affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes). This is critically important as studies indicate that medical care only accounts for around 20% of the variation in health outcomes vs. 80% tied to SDoH (Source: https://bit.ly/3zjLYjm). To solve this, Clarify has brought together the largest ever patient-level data set—uniquely incorporating SDoH data—and uses machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to more fairly and precisely assess the performance of clinicians, hospitals, interventions, and therapies. In turn, this allows us to provide real-time answers to the fundamental questions in healthcare, enabling every patient journey to be improved—because when important decisions need to be made the right information is available to make them.

Tech Differentiators

Atlas provides trustworthy insights at an unparalleled speed. Its cloud-based solutions can generate insights 3x faster than traditional methods. Prior to Atlas, users would have to inquire with their data team and frequently have to wait up to 6 weeks before accessing the findings, and by then the data would be outdated. By offering instant, actionable results, Clarify is the first of its kind to offer real-time data driven guidance at a population and individual health level. Additionally, our solutions enable users with integrated datasets that help produce more accurate findings. Many point solutions are siloed from other relevant datasets, and without integration, users are comparing metrics that don’t reflect how several factors interact, so our offering was developed with this in mind to share a full-picture view. All of these features culminate to ensure payers and providers are analyzing the same data, allowing them to trust one another more. Atlas uniquely provides the same insights to both groups, allowing Clarify to serve as a neutral party, or a “Switzerland,” in value-based agreements between payers and providers. While there has historically been friction between these two parties, Clarify believes its crucial to invest in ways that improve the payer-provider relationship to advance health equity for all. Finally, our team has deep clinical expertise beyond technology and is comprised of clinicians and industry leaders that bring a deep understanding of how these applications should integrate into workflows to ensure all our customers have the insights they need on an easy-to-adopt platform.


Before partnering with Clarify, Horizon Healthcare Services (1.6M members) said its information sharing with providers in value-based contracts was lacking the actionable detail for success. Information sharing was a manual process with physical reports going out to providers on a monthly and quarterly basis, lacking the granular details necessary to enable action. When deploying Clarify Atlas, Horizon’s main goals were to generate shared savings while also providing the best service possible. In order to enable their providers to improve care delivery and succeed in value-based programs, they needed to ensure that their clinicians had case-mix-adjusted insights into how they were performing. To fill this gap, Horizon began using Clarify’s insights software to share intelligence directly with their providers so they could prioritize opportunities to improve care delivery and ensure success in value-based contracts. This resulted in: • $285M savings identified – Clarify helped identify the addressable spend, leveraging insights into the quality and efficiency of care in specialties with the biggest opportunities for improvement. • 20x ROI potential in 2 years— Horizon is focused on achieving success in shared savings arrangements. By capturing a small percentage of the savings they identified, they’re set to realize 20x ROI within 2 years while also ensuring that patients are feeling the positive effects of the savings.

Why Us