Mend is an enterprise patient engagement platform that offers easy patient intake & communications, custom in-office and virtual care workflows, and seamless telehealth - optimized with AI.

Matt McBride, MBA

Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Increasing patient attendance and reducing no-shows is the number one problem Telehealth solves. Logins, software downloads, and non-SMS based solutions are difficult for patients to use and create technical support burdens on staff and providers. Engaging telehealth patients without high-speed internet connections can be challenged by poor connectivity. They may experience poor video and sound quality or dropped calls.

Tech Differentiators

Fast Engage virtually any patient, anywhere with the strongest telehealth connection. Secure Protect your patients, providers, and institutions with unparalleled security. Easy Mend's beautifully simple telemedicine that you can join with a single click Scalable Adopt a single solution that grows with your business


Telehealth studies have been proven to show no-show rates in the single digits. We have proven those results across our customer base: Primary Care customer - 5.2% no-show rate. Tribal customer - 8% Tribal customer - 2% Behavioral Health customer - 3.4% Behavioral Health customer - 7% Academic Behavioral Health customer - 6% Occupational Medicine customer - 5% Behavioral Health customer - 4.8% FQHC customer - 5% GI customer - 6% Pediatric Behavioral Health customer - 2% Behavioral Health customer - 9.3%

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