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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The need gap Centivo fills is providing self-funded employers a health plan that their employees can actually afford to use. This is enhanced with cutting edge apps, portals and call centers who make the member experience frictionless and responsive.

Tech Differentiators

Centivo's superpower starts with its mission - to restore healthcare affordability for average American workers struggling to pay their medical bills. We do this by ONLY building provider networks with leaders in value-based, high quality care. The BUCAs cannot/will not do this as they are so huge they include just about every provider in their networks so as not to upset other lines of business (Medicare vs commercial, as an example). Centivo has no such conflict because we ONLY serve the self-funded employer community and therefore we can make the tough calls when it comes to provider systems that charge dramatically more than their in-market competitors with absolutely no correlation to higher quality (think Mt Sinai vs NY Presbyterian in NYC). We can then negotiate rates often far below BUCAs and pass those savings on to both employers and employees.


Employers offering Centivo have realized savings of 15-30% annual savings compared to traditional carrier offerings. Enrolled employees save on average $350 in out-of-pocket costs but often much more if they had previously been enrolled in a high deductible health plan.

Why Us