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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Our tech makes paying for healthcare both instant and painless. We allow members to decide how much time they need to pay off what they spend. If they can afford $60 every two weeks, that's what they choose. If they need smaller payments, they can spread repayment over as much as 36 months — with none of the hidden fees or gotcha moments you might encounter with other solutions on the market. We also have integrations set up that allow payments to come out of your payment source automatically and without any fuss. Our payroll integrations are an HR department's dream: It takes less than 30 minutes to get it going each month. Our engineers have worked really hard to make that vision a reality, and they continue to improve the experience every day.

Tech Differentiators

There are plenty of "payment solutions" out there in the market, but we are truly a unique offering in several ways. First, and most importantly, we do not charge interest or fees, even when employees miss a payment or leave their company. Also very importantly, we’re not a consumer loan company. Paytient gives you instant access to a revolving line of credit, so funds are available when you need them. And after the balance is repaid, the line of credit is still available to be used over and over again. We help support benefit equity. Our product is available to all employees regardless of credit score or income level. This levels the playing field for those who have been historically disadvantaged by health insurance and other benefit plans. When members use their Paytient cards, the doctor (or dentist, pharmacy, DME provider, therapist, etc.) gets paid right away. We don’t come back and ask for that money, and employers are never on the hook for those funds — even if the employee doesn’t pay it back. Our payroll integration solution is also quite novel. It makes paying off transactions a “set it and forget it” situation, which is good for engagement as well as for utilization. It’s part of the reason we’ve gained so much traction in the market, with customers that include Fortune 500 companies and huge payers.


In a survey of more than 650 Paytient cardholders, 43% said they would have skipped or delayed care without their card. That's a huge deal. It means that one-third of our users don’t have the cash to cover the copay for a doctor’s visit or a 90-day supply of a medication. And guess what happens? Their care gets more and more expensive. But when we give them Paytient, that problem is solved. We also have data looking at employee turnover among people who do and don’t use their Paytient cards — and Paytient users have a much lower turnover rate. How much lower? Well, employees who have a Paytient account have a turnover rate 2.2 times lower than those who don’t have Paytient. If our data is even directionally significant, that translates into huge savings for employers.

Why Us