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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Galileo offers high-touch, multi-specialty, longitudinal care to diverse and complex patients -- on the phone, in the home and everywhere in between. Regional and national health plans, employers, and Fortune 500 organizations trust Galileo as the leading solution to improve population health. Our population health model is delivering significant cost savings and quality outcomes for our health plan partners across commercial, ACA, and Medicaid segments, and our unique, physician designed medical model integrates primary care, specialty care, and behavioral health, delivered by an employed, multilingual team-based medical group, all on one platform designed to reduce bias.

Tech Differentiators

Galileo is Mayo meets Kaiser in the cloud. Below are some highlights of how we're doing virtual care differently: - We are delivering proven outcomes on cost and quality - Our medical-first model integrates longitudinal primary care, specialty care (including chronic condition management), and behavioral health, for all ages - The model is team-based and provides “built-in peer review” on most medical cases - Our integrated primary and specialty care teams can handle 80-90% of medical issues without an in-person referral, keeping cost and strain down. - Galileo is a clinician-led organization. Our medical group is hired, trained, and managed specifically for team-based digital multispecialty care (vs. in-person solo practice with a narrow PCP scope) - The team is a fully employed medical group engaging in team-based care, and do not provide care through gig workers or chat bots.


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