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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

8 out of 9 patients primarily interact with their doctors and health systems on the phone, and this percentage is even higher for patients that are statistically likely to need care the most (such as older generations and under-privledged populations). Despite the phone being the main access point to care, most health organization phone systems and processes are outdated, not closely monitored, and extremely time-consuming for both employees and patients. Industry statistics highlight this unsatisfactory experience: 30% of calls go unanswered, hold times often span 10-20 minutes or more, 60% of calls end unresolved, and most patients have to call back 3 to 4 times even for the answers to simple questions. Using artificial intelligence, our technology, the Patient Assistant, guides callers through a conversation that routes them to their desired department and provider. Syllable was recently Named to the 2022 CB Insights AI 100 List of Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups highlighting our continued efforts to adopt technology to improve patient care.

Tech Differentiators

Best-in-Class, End-to-End Solution: The Patient Assistant is an end-to-end patient communication and engagement platform. The Patient Assistant handles incoming calls, outgoing calls, and digital patient communication while also automating scheduling, prescription refills, and patient access to health care system portals. Syllable’s all-in-one platform approach is in stark contrast to point-solution vendors that must be asynchronously deployed and operated alongside other technologies. Cloudification and Automation: Syllable enables ongoing expense reduction and improved patient experience by automating processes and patient access interactions. On day 1, Syllable cloudifies 100% of calls and automates more than 50% of them, alleviating operational burden on staff. This process of cloudification enables the elimination of spam and silent calls which decreases the total number of calls handled by operators while also improving the quality of every non-automated human call. By alleviating operator burden from tasks that do not require a human touch, the Syllable Patient Assistant preserves staff time for important, empathetic interactions. Long Term Digital Vision: While most patients today interact with health systems via the phone as opposed to through digital challenges, Syllable believes that will change in the near future. To facilitate the transition to digital, the Patient Assistant offers all patients a web-based communication channel in addition to its voice solution. Syllable is also investing significantly in the development of advanced digital solutions for the future. Syllable provides patient access solutions that are immediately impactful today with a focus on the ways patients will interact with systems in the future.


Syllable completed an intensive 1-year ROI analysis for a major customer. The analysis revealed that the customer received a 1.3x ROI through Syllable enhancing direct labor productivity alone. In other words, by implementing Syllable, the customer could realize a 130% return above and beyond the cost of Syllable. This study did not include Syllable’s additive value on indirect cost savings, patient experience improvements, or revenue generation, all of which typically contribute to an ROI calculation.

Why Us