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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

VitalSight improves access to care and greater hypertension management for patients who have limited mobility, live in underserved communities, have limited access to in-person care or face other challenges in visiting their doctor.

Tech Differentiators

-VitalSight set-up is easy. Health care professionals submit an order for VitalSight directly through their electronic medical record (EMR). Patients receive their VitalSight kits at home, which are pre-set and do not require WiFi or separate cellular connection. Patient coordinators assist patients with setting up their at-home VitalSight kit and proactively reach out to patients if data transmission drops. -Physicians can personalize blood pressure reading thresholds for each patient and receive alerts for high readings that integrate through the EMR or OMRON VitalSight Dashboard. Reports are available through the OMRON VitalSight Dashboard to show patients more information about their condition and motivate them to make healthy behavior changes. -The OMRON VitalSight Dashboard also provides more clinically relevant data to manage hypertension and improve patient outcomes, as more data informs treatment decision-making. VitalSight simplifies the process to focus on urgent patient data so the care team can take action.


Data analysis of participants using the OMRON Hypertension Management Platform (OHMP) during the VITAL test showed that hypertension and cardiovascular treatment medical expenses dropped by an average of 46% in the OMRON group vs. control, an average reduction of $108 per patient per month.

Why Us