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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

It’s well documented that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a mounting mental health crisis. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 40% of adults said their mental health was negatively impacted by the pandemic. By some estimates, 60% of the people who need mental health therapy do not receive it — and that’s despite the explosion of mental health care strategies and solutions. People who do have access to care are often seen by their primary care physicians (PCPs) who lack specialty expertise in mental health, and have a broad set of responsibilities. To solve the mental health care crisis, we must deliver scalable and evidence-based programs that address the underlying issue that drives poor mental health. Big Health’s solutions — Sleepio for poor sleep and Daylight for worry and anxiety — do just that. The products use evidence-based cognitive behavioral medicine, to deliver the best aspects of traditional therapy — normally reliant on a psychologist or psychiatrist — digitally and scalably. This is something that not even virtual care can achieve, because it relies on the availability of human providers. In an effort to deliver scalable and evidence-based mental health treatments, Big Health launched Medication Targeting with CVS, enabling eligible members who fill common mental health medication prescriptions at CVS immediate access to enroll in Big Health’s digital therapeutics via email or direct mail. This is an innovative, first-of-its-kind approach to reach people with the care they need, reducing friction and improving patient care.

Tech Differentiators

Since we cannot meet demand for mental health care through our current approach, the majority of people with mental health conditions are left with one option to address mental health problems — drugs. 1 in 5 people — are currently taking prescribed mental health medications. Although medications are effective for some, they may not be suitable for all. The majority of people using the most common mental health medications experience moderately severe side effects, and fewer than half benefit sufficiently. Making a fundamental shift to address the mental health crisis takes much more than just producing more drugs, and still hasn’t been solved by shifting therapy online. Digital therapeutics can help to close the gap by offering safe and effective non-drug alternatives for mental health. With pure algorithmic software, it’s possible to create near infinite copies without any reduction in quality, replicating the best benefits of pharmaceuticals: scalability, consistency, and affordability, with a much lower risk profile. Big Health has more high-quality clinical evidence than any other digital therapeutic with more than 13 randomized controlled trials - the gold standard for evaluating clinical effectiveness in interventions. This research has been recognized by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the United Kingdom and in May 2022, Big Health’s digital therapeutic for insomnia Sleepio was the first-ever digital therapeutic to be recommended as a first-line intervention by NICE ahead of medications.


Sleepio and Daylight are proven to work: we have an industry-leading body of clinical evidence with more than 70 clinical studies, 13 published, gold-standard randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and have been included in numerous clinical guidelines (American College of Physicians, and NICE in the UK) as a recommended first-line intervention. Across RCTs for both Sleepio and Daylight we have seen more than a 70% clinical recovery rate for those suffering from poor sleep and worry and anxiety, respectively. Plus, our products have been tested across a diverse range of populations and have been proven safe and effective in trials spanning over 13,000 participants. Between-group effect size scores for both Sleepio and Daylight are large and clinically significant for insomnia (d=1.51; Espie et al., 2012) and anxiety (d=1.08; Carl et al., 2020). We also released the results of an independent health economic evaluation that demonstrated 28% lower total annualized health care costs for Sleepio users, as compared to a control group in a Fortune 500 employee population. In this study, people who used Sleepio had $1,677 lower per-employee total annualized healthcare costs vs. the control group. The study included 1,000 participants, and measured inpatient medical costs, days in acute admission, prescription (Rx) costs, and emergency room visits.

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