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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The reactive and episodic healthcare model is untenable for the 60% of Americans who struggle with at least one chronic condition. Without frequent touches with the healthcare system and the tools to manage their health, people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses end up stuck in the break-fix cycle, wherein they're only interfacing with healthcare providers during emergent situations. For over a decade, digital health innovators have rolled out solution after solution aimed at increasing access to treatment. These products, models, and services digitize, automate, and expedite interactions with the healthcare system. However, they don't alter the sequence of events that need to take place for people with chronic conditions to stay healthy. One Drop goes beyond episodic care with real-time, data-driven prevention—giving people the tools, data, and support to stay engaged in their health between doctor's visits and make informed decisions that prevent problems and minimize their risk for complications. With 24/7 access to One Drop's continuous, personalized, and predictive platform, people with chronic conditions gain a better understanding of their bodies and reap emotional, physical, and psychological benefits, as proven by peer-reviewed research and presentations.

Tech Differentiators

CONTINUOUS DATA ACQUISITION: One Drop has amassed 41B health data points from 1.5M members in 195 countries and uses its wealth of biological, self-care, and personal data to train the proprietary machine learning algorithms behind first-to-market predictive capabilities and to inform a dynamic user experience PROPRIETARY AI/ML: Unlike telehealth solutions that apply machine learning to backend infrastructure, One Drop AI directly supports members and reduces the day-to-day cognitive load of managing a chronic condition by delivering biological forecasts and immediate insights people can use. For example, One Drop’s blood glucose forecast feature is linked to improved platform engagement associated with increased self-monitoring of blood glucose and better glycemic management. One Drop is the first and only glucose forecast provider for people with type 2 diabetes. Other capabilities include CGM predictions, CE-marked blood pressure insights, and long-term outcomes forecasts for diabetes-related biomarkers. PERSONALIZED USER EXPERIENCE: In addition to health forecasts and insights, One Drop generates an individualized cadence of notifications, incentives, and rewards to enable self-care by helping the person make better health decisions in managing their chronic condition. Members can also access tailored educational content and one-on-one coaching with a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist via in-app text chat. BIOSENSOR: One Drop is developing a minimally invasive health sensor with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) capabilities designed to provide greater flexibility and insights for people with diabetes compared to blood glucose monitor fingersticks alone. Availability is subject to FDA approval. https://joinonedrop.com/sensor-lp


More than 60 peer-reviewed clinical studies, publications, and presentations demonstrate the results and clinical strengths of One Drop’s existing digital health platform, including improved health outcomes (e.g., 0.8%-1.9% A1C reduction, lower systolic blood pressure, average nine-pound weight loss) and estimated cost savings of $2,450 per person per year. Example 1) Three-month RCT (N=15) results support the effectiveness of One Drop’s digital platform and coaching in improving lifestyle risks, glycemic control, and psychological well-being in people at risk for cardiovascular disease. One Drop members realized 15% higher health ratings, 10% fewer eating behavior problems, 105% more walking, 132% more moderate activity, and 55% more vigorous activity; .72% absolute reduction in A1c, and 5 times lower risk of depression than control. Example 2) Retrospective study (N=1411; type 2 diabetes) cohort members using One Drop's AI-powered glucose forecast feature were more likely to self-monitor blood glucose (SMBG) and had more glucose measurements within a healthy range after 12 weeks compared to the matched control group, corresponding to significantly lower average glucose. Media summary: https://bit.ly/3cRryH7 Example 3) Validation Institute 2022 report independently verifies claims for One Drop’s principal multi-condition studies demonstrating clinical outcomes for prediabetes, diabetes, and hypertension. Validation Institute financially guarantees One Drop can drive significant blood glucose and blood pressure reductions. Costs savings linked to health outcomes range from $1,239 to $2,450 per person annually.

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