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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

From depression to diabetes, Vida is the only solution designed from the ground up to simultaneously treat the full spectrum of physical and mental conditions that contribute to chronic disease. Many “point solutions” miss the point by focusing on one single health problem and attempting to treat it in a silo. Vida believes that chronic conditions shouldn’t be treated in silos because physical and mental conditions are intertwined. People with conditions like diabetes typically face several co-occurring conditions including depression, anxiety, obesity, and more. We provide a scalable platform that delivers care where other programs can’t — at the intersection of physical and mental health. This approach leads to better outcomes, and maximized cost savings. Vida is also the only major virtual chronic disease platform that offers a fully supported Spanish solution. Vida’s Spanish-language service allows Spanish speakers to fully engage with the Vida app and their coaches, therapists, registered dietitians, and care navigators completely in Spanish. Unlike other platforms that offer bi-lingual coaches and a select number of translated resources, Vida’s Spanish-language service takes the complete Vida experience for multiple programs, including therapy, whole health for diabetes and co-occurring chronic conditions as well as weight loss, and offers them entirely in Spanish.

Tech Differentiators

On Vida, a dedicated, one on one provider anchors the member’s product experience and journey to help them meet their health goals. This type of relationship is essential to catalyze meaningful behavior change, and means that Vida’s technology innovations never aspire to substitute a human provider with a technology-powered mimic, but rather to augment each human provider with tools that enable them to be superhuman in their approach and results. Unlike other products that utilize health coaching transactionally, or attempt to substitute it through pure software approaches, Vida innovates on capabilities that give providers the ability to operate at the top of their license at increasing scale and cost effectiveness. Vida’s machine learning technology personalizes each member’s treatment program. Rank-sorting the program interventions prescribed for the member so that at any given time when they visit the Vida app, only the most impactful recommendations have been calculated based on each unique member’s engagement patterns. These personalized pathways are customized so each member will experience Vida in a unique way (e.g., different sequence of lessons, different content, different habits, actions, or goals to focus on). We address individual health choices, behaviors, and risks that underlie clinical conditions and tackle barriers to healthy behaviors through various pathways, including by giving people a choice about where to start. And our human coaches, therapists, nutritionists, CDEs, and other professionals provide the empathy, accountability and human connection that drives members to reach their health goals.


Vida Health has tested and published its physical health programs, mental health programs, as well as the benefit of providing both simultaneously through 11 peer-reviewed works. You can review our published outcomes here: https://www.vida.com/research/ Vida’s published results show an average 1.4 point reduction in A1C and 7% weight loss sustained at 1-year. We’ve seen 61% reduction in PHQ-8 and 55% reduction in GAD-7 at 9-months. Vida’s validated claims analysis shows 95% of members with prediabetes did not advance to a diagnosis of diabetes. Third-party results show 15+% reduction in hospitalizations in the first 6-months for multiple cohorts. Beyond clinical measures, Vida’s results have shown cost savings of $70-200 per member per month for multiple cohorts. Some recent papers include: — A paper under review with JMIR showing Members of Vida’s localized and culturally adapted Spanish-language Diabetes Management Program demonstrated a reduction in HbA1c of 1.2 points. N = 182 — A Poster Presentation at ADA Scientific Sessions showing a reduction of 1.23 HbA1c points. N= 1,023 — A paper in JMIR Formative Research showed improvement in depressive symptoms was associated with three times greater weight loss at 9 months (4.5% compared to 1.5%). N = 831 — A paper in JMIR Formative Research showing 83% of Vida members enrolled in Vida’s mindfulness-based stress reduction program experienced a reduction of perceived stress levels, with a 15% reduction achieved by 1.5 months and a 33% reduction achieved by 6 months. N = 131

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