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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Solera is fulfilling the need for tools for members to manage their chronic diseases in a way that is manageable and modularized for payers, clinically validated and reimbursed according to outcomes, and personalized for members' needs. Solera offers member populations access to choice, simplicity, and personalization for the most common chronic conditions. For too long, the inherent complexity in the health care system has made it difficult to present consumers with access to the top point solutions in the industry and to properly match them to those solutions to generate the best health outcomes. The number of point solution vendors (i.e., those treating a single need rather than a range of conditions) makes it difficult for payers to identify those that offer truly evidence-based services. Vetting, contracting, and managing those relationships requires substantial resources for payers. A payer could easily invest hundreds of hours to select focus areas and providers, audit those providers and integrate each one into its offerings – not to mention the staff hours required for monitoring and performance reviews of each provider. Solera solves this issue by vetting these solutions, enabling payers and their members to gain access to multiple solutions across a range of conditions, and managing engagement to ensure members enter and complete the right program for them, thereby providing consumers with increased and easy access to digital and community-based providers who meet their needs. Solutions targeted to individual needs benefit payers, providers, and most importantly, help address the specific health needs of each individual.

Tech Differentiators

Solera's superpower is that we make the complex simple. We have removed the most challenging parts of offering networks of point solutions available to payers and employers including curation, contracting, compliance, claims-based payment, network maintenance, and member engagement. 'Point solution fatigue' is real, as we have heard from clients time and time again, and Solera solves those issues via a single contract. As care continues to extend beyond the four walls of the doctor’s office and into digital and community spaces, these solutions need durable, sustainable delivery and payment models to support their implementation and expansion. Since 2015, Solera Health has been building this infrastructure by designing value-based payment models for emerging digital and community health solutions, and partnering with national payers to implement these programs with their members across conditions like diabetes prevention, weight loss for cardiovascular disease prevention, mental health supports, musculoskeletal care and more. Solera has built the foundation for a sustainable digital ecosystem and possesses the expertise to drive sophisticated whole-person health management that creates value for individuals, payers, and employers. As payers consider how to move forward in the face of such complexity, the lessons learned from Solera’s curated network approach with turnkey contracting and activation can provide useful real-world context for how best to operationalize a unified approach to digital and community health management.


Solera has published two peer-reviewed studies of the impact of our diabetes prevention program (DPP) network in a cohort of 14,149 patients. To our knowledge, these are the largest real-world DPP outcomes studies published by a digital health company. We demonstrated that weight loss in both our in-person and online programs exceeded national averages for DPP performance by as much as 17% when compared to existing literature. Solera has recently added multiple new conditions to its platform. Our condition networks are unique in that we curate a network of multiple digital health programs in the same category (i.e. mental health, musculoskeletal care) and then we match individuals to a program at an optimal level of intensity and cost to fit their condition. For instance, an individual experiencing mild stress might get matched with a low-intensity stress relief program, while an individual experiencing significant symptoms of anxiety and depression would be matched to a high intensity CBT program. In an independent actuarial analysis of this network approach using real world engagement, acuity and population prevalence statistics, predicted ROI of the network approach was 300-440%, with significantly reduced costs per engaged member compared to non-networked approaches using single point solutions.

Why Us