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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

As healthcare organizations face unprecedented staffing shortages, many of the administrative tasks fall directly on the physician. This has fueled physician burnout and turnover and a less than desirable patient experience. It’s estimated that physicians spend an additional 2-3 hours a day in the EHR with medical documentation. Augmedix offers solutions to help improve physician productivity and increase work-life satisfaction.Pre-Charting service pre-enters all relevant information into the EHR prior to the patient visit, alleviating this burden from the physician. We prepare the note structure and content for the new visit. Physicians are able to review the information prior to seeing the patient so they can walk into the room ready to engage the patient. Augmedix uses its proprietary Notebuilder tool to capture natural conversations between the physician and patient while automating portions of the medical note. Notebuilder is the core AI tool within the Augmedix Ambient Automation Platform and consists of 500+ visit types, plus acute complaint and chronic condition templates. Based on physician-patient interaction, inputs from Notebuilder automatically generate sentences and organize the clinical note to create significant efficiencies. Our coding service alleviates the clerical burden of coding from physicians, while giving them the ability to review and sign off on codes after the visit. Physicians can spend less time keeping up with the coding changes and more time on direct patient care.

Tech Differentiators

Augmedix is the only medical documentation and data services company offering a robust hybrid solution – combining the best technology with real-time clinical support. Our hybrid approach can save physicians close to three hours a day while improving productivity by up to 20%. Based on our clinician surveys, our solutions can also increase work-life satisfaction by 40%. Our superpower is giving physicians back time and efficiency. Physicians tell us they have more time to engage with their patients in free-flowing conversations. The result is increased operational efficiency and productivity at both the clinician and practice level, reduced physician turnover, enhanced patient satisfaction, and a work-life balance.


Augmedix has collected user data for hundreds of providers covering a wide range of specialties and including both academic and non-academic institutions. To demonstrate an economic ROI we track patient volumes and wRVUs both pre and post implementation. This enables us to show a direct financial impact through increased patient access and/or improved charge capture. To measure clinical ROI we leverage time in motion data to illustrate provider time saved on documentation and other EHR tasks, reducing burnout and improving the patient experience. In a recent study of 209 providers across 17 specialties, we observed an average increase of 23% in wRVUs generated per month. Another study found a 47% reduction in provider time spent on documentation in the EHR across a sample of 156 Augmedix users practicing 21 different specialties of medicine.

Why Us