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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

30 million Americans will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime. Despite this staggering number, only 20% of those receive treatment, and a smaller fraction get impactful care that leads to lasting recovery. As the second deadliest mental illness (only after opioid use disorder), access to affordable eating disorder treatment is more critical than ever. Effective eating disorder treatment is incredibly difficult to access, as evidence-based care is not widely disseminated and is cost-prohibitive for most. The global pandemic exacerbated the need for proper eating disorder treatment — the social isolation, stress, and uncertainty led to a 70% surge in reported eating disorders and double the hospital admission rates for eating disorders. Equip’s mission is to close the existing treatment gap by providing patients and their families with comprehensive, thoughtful, evidence-based eating disorder care at home. Equip has created an approach that differs from traditional in-patient treatment models and non evidence-based methods in favor of its clinically rigorous, virtually accessible model that meets patients where they are.

Tech Differentiators

When most people think of eating disorder treatment, their minds turn to the expensive residential living facilities that have characterized eating disorder care for decades and cost upwards of $30k per month. However, alternative treatment methods, such as FBT, are just as effective virtually as they are in-person. Equip is challenging the preconceived notions of what treatment should look like by reimagining eating disorder treatment on a virtual scale. Its virtual FBT model is based on clinical research that shows families are a critical support system and a key factor for lasting recovery. This unique model meets people where they are—encouraging a supportive and familiar environment where patients can continue to pursue everyday activities and invest in a life worth living. Equip takes its care model a step further with its dedicated care team that includes peer and family mentors who have lived experience with an eating disorder — either personally or through a loved one. Equip prioritizes employing diverse care teams with lived experience, pursuing treatment that is empathetic, culturally humble, and actually effective.


Equip recently published its study, “Effectiveness of delivering evidence-based eating disorder treatment via telemedicine for children, adolescents, and youth,” in Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention. It demonstrates the efficacy of virtual Family-Based Treatment for eating disorders amongst children, adolescents, and young adults. The study of 210 patients confirms that FBT delivered via telemedicine leads to significant reduction in eating disorder symptoms and improvement in mood for patients and their families. The study closely examined patients receiving FBT treatment for up to 12 months and found positive results. Some key findings include 80% of patients achieved their weight restoration goals and family members felt more confident and less burdened taking care of their loved one. The study also discovered that patients’ eating disorder symptoms were reduced by half and symptoms of depression and anxiety lessened by one-third after 16 weeks of treatment. This is the largest study to date that assesses the efficacy of FBT treatment delivered via telemedicine in a real-world setting. These positive outcomes highlight the benefits of Equip’s model and the tremendous strides the company is making to increase access to affordable, effective treatment.

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