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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

1. Access >90% of patients prefer in-home convenience over a facility Partnering with Luna for in-home care expands patient access, coverage to care, enhance patient experience (convenient and safe). Lots of patients that health systems wouldn’t have been able to provide rehab to that are now participating in the on-demand and in-home PT Patients will drive long distances for major procedures, but not for physical therapy 2. Patient Outcomes 45% pain improvement within 10 visits (industry average: 30%) 77% of Luna patients demonstrate clinically important pain differences within 10 visits 52% average functional improvement within 10 visits across all patients (industry average: 15%) 3. Reduced Referral Leakage According to a study by Luna, health systems lose $2.5 billion in annual revenue from physical therapy leakage as 55.9 percent of patients leave the health system to seek physical therapy care elsewhere Highest sign-ups in PT industry: 92% patients referred to Luna start care with us Supports >87% of all patients needing outpatient PT 4. Revenue Stream Creates compelling new service line and revenue share model for partners without capital investment Traditional home health: $4,200 / case average v $1,300 outpatient care (estimated via 10 visits on Medicare Part B) when Luna is utilized (saving $2,900 / case). For 2,000 cases /year = $5.8M cost saving for the health system

Tech Differentiators

As above: Access, Patient Outcomes, Reduced Referral Leakage, Revenue Stream


Luna announced the results of a retrospective analysis which demonstrated significant financial savings for those choosing in-home outpatient physical therapy (PT) compared to traditional home health for Medicare patients. The study, the first of its kind, shows that Luna outpatient in-home PT saves an average of $3,000 per case for post-surgical rehab for bundled care cases (both BPCI and CJR), equating to Medicare savings of 55%-70% per case. Researchers conducted a 12 month analysis among thousands of Luna patients requiring knee and hip replacements. Post-surgery, these patients participated in outpatient in-home PT with dedicated local physical therapists providing consistent, high-quality care, of the type administered in a traditional outpatient clinic, but from the comfort of the patient’s home.

Why Us