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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange is the **only** "prehospital pipe" that enables patient data captured by Fire & EMS ("Mobile Medical") agencies to be received and mined in real-time and over time. There is no other system that does real-time conversions of prehospital data for consumption by a receiving facility or HIE in as little as 30 seconds (and does so without the need for an intermediary company).

Tech Differentiators

Beyond Lucid Technologies has pioneered Mobile Medical / Prehospital Care interoperability since 2015, when the California EMS Authority, Kaiser Permanente, a San Francisco-area Health Information Exchange, and America's largest ambulance service expressed concern that Fire & EMS data were not consumable by EHRs as discrete data. The MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange proved otherwise in just four months (by Thanksgiving 2015). The platform supports pre-arrival notifications about whether an inbound patient has a document reflecting his or her end-of-life medical wishes (POLST) or has a child with medical complexity. The platform processes triage alerts to slash the time needed to transfer patient care at the hospital; and tracks patient data longitudinally ("over time") for syndromic surveillance, substance use disorder intervention, and family reunification. Moreover, the system can layer onto any state-compliant ambulance-based electronic patient care reporting system, as well as export data in real-time for consumption by state health information exchanges (HIEs). During COVID-19, in JUST ONE WEEK we deployed exposure tracking technology across the Los Angeles County Fire Department. In the same amount of time, we can implement a light-touch (i.e., nothing to build or buy) real-time notifications system for receiving hospitals and other care sites. The data can be consumed by most modern electronic health record systems. We recently began showcasing Digital Triage tags that offer heads-up awareness about patients en route to a care facility, with the ability to streamline follow-ups, and "drop a net over the region" so no patient gets lost in the regional health ecosystem.


300+ hospitals are now on our network with 30 states under coverage. We have repeatedly reduced documentation time by 66% (!!!), which -- in the words of one partner-client in Colorado -- "That's amazing." We have eliminated the use of secure faxes across the vast majority of the communities in which we operate. A Connecticut-based substance use interventional program -- powered by the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange -- achieved an enrollment count of approximately 10 TIMES its expectation: the agency envisioned enrolling 7-10 patients suffering from mental and behavioral health challenges during its first month. It ended up getting 70 enrollments during the first month. Additional such chronic care (and "chronically acute") patient management programs using the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital HIE have deployed in California, Texas, and Kentucky. The country's first such program that is focused on high-risk, special health needs children is slated to deploy in Virginia. Primary users of the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital HIE on the hospital side typically have titles such as: "Stroke Program and Telehealth Coordinator" and "Director, Emergency Medical Services for XYZ Hospital."

Why Us