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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

We are entering an exciting era of precision medicine and next generation testing which means that physicians can personalize medical treatments based on a person’s genomic data and patients have more control over their own healthcare. However, today, next generation testing is not affordable nor accessible to the masses. In fact, next generation testing is only available to the top 1%. At 1health, we are on a mission to change those statistics. The 1health Next Gen Diagnostic Platform is modern, cloud-based, easy-to-use, secure and compliant and paves the way to make next generation testing accessible, affordable, and easy-to-order. We are helping laboratories deploy tests in minutes not months. We are helping healthcare providers order new innovative tests and access results quickly, accurately, and easily. We are helping patients receive more personalized healthcare regiments and achieve better outcomes. In the course of our short history, we have already deployed nearly four million tests to over 200 partners across the 50 states. 1health enables all parties to interact via the same platform thereby enabling accurate visibility into the entire process. The end result is better healthcare for everyone across the States.

Tech Differentiators

In healthcare, all information systems have point to point connection and each has established their own unique notion of a patient profile. There is no single platform where a patient can securely login and look up their test results, understand who did the test, and order another test. Unlike the payment industry that offers PayPay, or the ride-share industry that offers Uber and Lyft applications, there is no unified diagnostic cloud platform in healthcare. 1health is an all-in-one platform designed for laboratories to offer universal access to their tests. These tests can be ordered by healthcare providers, clinicians, or consumers in minutes. Processing and logistics associated with these orders are all-encompassing in the 1health platform. For example, insurance tracking, patient questionnaires, test kitting, product shipping, results tracking, and claims reimbursement are all capabilities that are included in the 1health platform. 1health enables labs to go-to-market quickly without deploying large IT and support resources, helping them expand market reach. Our key differentiators include: All-in-one Diagnostic Platform: Labs can track insurance, physician authorization, test ordering, shipping, result reporting and more. Sophisticated permissioning and validation rules reduce errors and improve accuracy, enabling confidence in patient-care decision making. Rapid speed-to-market: Labs can offer their tests into new and existing markets in minutes which means greater accessibility for physicians and their patients. Intuitive easy-to-use application: Users can find accurate and validated information quickly via user-friendly screens, thereby enabling doctors more time to personalize healthcare, not process paperwork. Secure and compliant access: Laboratories, physicians, and patients are given appropriate user-based access via secure protocols to view their required information thereby enabling healthcare teams to align around the same data. Comprehensive Direct-To-Consumer Interface: Patients order life improving tests from the comfort of their home.


Our laboratory partners have worked with hundreds of hospitals and nursing homes across the United States demonstrating a return-on-investment in less than 12 months. 1health’s value proposition includes: Enabling access to diagnostic testing across all 50 United States to physicians, clinicians, and consumers thereby expanding revenue opportunities for laboratories. Increasing reporting accuracy and significantly reducing paperwork errors thereby lowering operating costs. Increasing approved reimbursement claims and reducing reimbursement time thereby improving cash flows for laboratories. Launching certified tests rapidly into the market, in days not months, thereby enabling first-to-market product wins and driving revenue growth.

Why Us