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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Healthcare is facing a crisis with an anticipated global shortfall of nursing professionals by 2030 & nursing turnover at an all time high. An American Nurses Foundation survey revealed that 23% of respondents planned to leave their current role in the next six months & 55% of those cited insufficient staffing as the top reason. This has led to an excessive use of contract labor, increased incentive spend, & blown operating budgets. Optimization of the healthcare workforce will be key for health systems to sustainably provide crucial & high quality care. Works is the technology that makes that possible. Works shifts staffing from an administrative function to a competitive advantage by empowering hospitals to create their own on-demand workforce by uniting both internal & external professionals into a single operating system, creating one source to fill all of their fluctuating staffing needs related to seasonality, turnover, & acuity changes. Now more than ever, nurses are expecting increased flexibility & autonomy. According to a recent Trusted survey, 71% of nurses surveyed said their experience would improve if they had more control over their schedule & 52% said that current scheduling processes lowers their job satisfaction. Unfortunately, the ability to build flexibility into nursing workforce programs is complex related to the practice environment & limited tools & technology nurse managers have historically had to accomplish this important work. Health systems who can hire & enable their workforce to work more dynamically will save millions of dollars, countless hours of operational overhead, & retain the increasing number of clinicians who value increased control, flexibility, & variety.

Tech Differentiators

Historically, hospitals have relied on slow, expensive, & siloed legacy processes or systems to source, hire, and manage internal and supplemental workforces via disparate & often arcane workflows. Works provides health systems with the modern technology, data, and insights they need to take the guesswork & complexity out of staffing operations, break down those workforce silos to bring their staffing programs in-house, have access to key insights for forecasting, automation, & ultimately realize the workforce strategy that fits their unique needs. Specifically, Works gives health systems direct access to manage & procure external nurses so they can source all their workforce needs through one platform. If open shifts remain unfilled & all internal resources have been exhausted, health systems can create a layer of automation to recruit external nurses through Works. Works has the ability to dynamically assign & adjust pricing for open-shifts based on unique incentive policies & pay practices using supply & demand variables. Works will then automate the recruitment of open shifts to the best fit clinician based on qualifications and cost set by the organization using dynamic pricing models. With a mobile-first approach, Works can target the entirety of the nursing workforce (PRN, part-time, float pools, core staff, external travelers & per diem) with automatic updates to the schedule when the open shift has been filled. Additionally, Works is built to seamlessly integrate with any legacy scheduling solution to provide dynamic enterprise staffing features that are not available in today's current scheduling solutions.


Works enabled transformational change across Mercy Health system to create a nurse first approach centered around flexibility and front-line manager support to solve the nurse staffing crisis. Since implementing Works across its health system for 9,000 users, an average of 400 shifts have been claimed daily. Mercy Health has experienced immediate workforce results with a 10% reduction in average hourly rate per nurse, 15% reduction in contingent labor spend, 11% reduction in premium spend, 25% reduction in workforce operations headcount, along with a 33% increase in incentive shift participation. This has resulted in millions of dollars saved, & thousands of charge nurse and nurse manager hours reallocated to nurse and patient care initiatives.

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