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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The Nox A1s PSG system is a true hospital-to-home sleep diagnostic system with wireless design and revolutionary versatility. The new Nox A1s system is a more evolved solution, able to perform level I, level II, and level III sleep testing to diagnose more diverse patient populations. The Nox A1s has further removed access to care barriers for traditional sleep labs that were restricted by their physical infrastructure. With the Nox A1s as their sleep testing solution, a 4 bed sleep lab can now expand services 5x, reaching the same volume of patients a 20 bed lab would help, without the infrastructure and related costs.

Tech Differentiators

Unlike traditional PSG systems, the Nox A1s wireless hookup design eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience of being tethered to a bed. The system’s wireless design allows patients to move freely while undergoing testing. The Noxturnal Software System unleashes the full potential of the Nox A1s PSG System offering multiple automatic analysis, scoring and advanced reporting tools. The Noxturnal App offers bedside control with bio-calibration, impedance checks, reviewing signal quality and viewing of live traces. The Nox Self-Applied Somnography (for research only) (Nox SAS) collects relevant sleep data comparable to traditional PSG while being self-applied by the patient. The Nox SAS has been employed in more than 6,000 research studies worldwide.


The Nox A1s system has been embraced by prestigious sleep research leaders globally as the telehealth alternative to traditional PSG, allowing highly accurate sleep studies to be performed at home. Originally designed to allow for scaling of large-scale clinical trials, it has been used to perform over 8,000 sleep tests with leading research institutions and pharma companies, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Penn, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins and the University of Miami. A number of global pharmaceutical companies rely on the Nox A1s for powering their clinical trials of sleep therapies.

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