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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The Klinio app eliminates the uncertainty and confusion associated with diabetes or prediabetes diagnosis. This digital assistant guides the user through the often-confusing process of starting a healthy diet, creating a low-sugar meal plan, counting calories and macros, tracking blood glucose levels, and losing weight. People don’t have to rely on contradicting information or guesswork and instead can focus on improving their health.

Tech Differentiators

No other app or any solution in the market is that focused on improving the lives of people with diabetes or prediabetes. Klinio is an all-in-one tool people can turn to when trying to manage their condition. The app offers a unique meal plan for each user, based on their needs, which allows them to set their calorie intake, plan meals in advance and learn what affects their blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The integrated home workouts help users achieve their weight loss goals and improve their physical form. Finally, the detailed health data tracker provides users with an overview of their progress.


Data from 270 consecutive users was analyzed. Users had Type 2 diabetes. The data included the users’ baseline(pre-enrollment) and follow-up HbA1c levels, the number of days they used the app, the number of days from their first to last use of the app, their height, weight, age, and gender. (Note: only follow-up HbA1c tests that were at least 90 days after the baseline test were analyzed.) Each of these data points were analyzed to determine which was linked to successfully reducing blood glucose as measured by the HbA1c test. The users who had 19 days of logging in to the app and who had at least 85 days from their first to their last log-in reduced their HbA1c level on average 0.5 or more. A change of 0.5 is considered a meaningful change in the person’s health status. These users were twice as likely to achieve this improvement as users who had fewer logins over fewer days. The other factors analyzed – height, weight, age, gender – were not strongly linked to successfully reducing HbA1c levels.

Why Us