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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Xealth’s platform aggregates and organizes digital health tools and related data within the EHR for easy deployment and oversight. Xealth’s core platform is the Digital Care SMART on FHIR app, which can be downloaded from Epic App Orchard or Cerner Code Gallery and configured by the health system team to launch directly in the provider’s charting workflow. Xealth Digital Care enables: Ordering from Embedded Workflows: Xealth’s clinical decision support rules engine can automatically distribute tools, assets and program enrollment information to patients, or present relevant solutions within the patient record in the EHR for manual prescribing. Delivering via Email, SMS and Patient Portal: Once digital tools are ordered, Xealth can manage all elements of delivery and enrollment, either by sending them directly via email, SMS or via the patient portal (stock or custom-built). As patients use these programs, Xealth tracks engagement and can send reminders. Monitor Direct from EHR: Xealth brings monitoring information back into the health system, so care teams can follow the patient’s progress or drive interventions. Digital Care embeds third-party dashboards inside the EHR, making it easy for clinicians to see their patient’s progress without leaving the patient record. Discrete patient data, like PHQ9 scores or blood pressure readings, can be written into the chart, and stored alongside similar data. Downstream workflows like notifications, best practice alerts, and patient flags can also be generated within the record. Centralized Reporting: Xealth’s Digital Command Center enables health systems to track and evaluate digital health usage and performance.

Tech Differentiators

Xealth is the only digital heath platform that centralizes all Digital Care assets and programs within the provider’s EHR user experience for ordering and monitoring, regardless of the chosen vendor or solution, which delivers multiple benefits: ●Better patient experience: 65%+ engagement rates on distributed content and assets ●Faster & easier deployment: 50-80% reduction in integration and deployment costs ●Saved provider time: 2-3 minutes saved per visit by reducing the number of clicks ●Improved financial outcomes: 2-5 times improvement in key measures, e.g. reducing readmits and no shows Through this centralized integration and approach, the Xealth Digital Command Center (XDCC) provides the unique ability for health systems to monitor order details about digital apps and content, including frequency, location, and clinician, plus patient engagement and activation rates. The XDCC then provides aggregated reporting without health system leaders having to find and run mismatched reports. With this information, health systems can combine digital engagement details with their in-house clinical outcome details and easily understand which tools drive the biggest outcomes. On an aggregate basis, Xealth holds valuable benchmarking data available to clients, having connected more than 40 digital health partners, including Amazon, Glooko, Medline, Twistle, Babyscripts, Welldoc, Force and SilverCloud, and patient education providers Healthwise, Elsevier, Emmi and Krames. When health systems search for digital health providers, Xealth provides a useful catalog of pre-integrated vendors and their various capabilities, saving time and effort for deployment.


Using Xealth with Silvercloud at MemorialCare: 65% Enrollment; 74% Improved PHQ-9s Using Xealth with Twistle at Providence: 35% Reduction in EDVisits for COVID-19

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