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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

TytoCare solves the Home Health Delivery Gap™. In an age when almost everything can be accessed with a touch of a button, primary care lags behind. In order to get accurate care, based on a thorough examination by a doctor, most families still have to wait too long for appointments, waste time going to the clinic, or have no choice but to go to the hospital. In fact, a recent TytoCare survey revealed the average wait to see a primary care physician is six days, and once at the appointment 80% of patients have to wait for more than 30 minutes to be seen by a doctor, with over 45% waiting between 1-2 hours or more. https://www.tytocare.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Virtual-Primary-Care-Adoption-Survey_.pdf As it turns out, traditional telehealth, which is actually just video conferencing with no way to physically examine patients, doesn’t cut it when it comes to caring for your loved ones. Patients, health insurers, and providers are all still suffering from broken primary care. This is why Dedi Gilad and Ofer Tzadik created TytoCare - the Home Smart Clinic that replicates doctors’ physical exams, regardless of where a patient is or what conditions they may have - acute or chronic. TytoCare is easy to use for the entire family, connects patients immediately to clinicians, and collects unique clinical data to continuously improve quality of care. Hyperlink: https://www.tytocare.com/vpc-members-survey/

Tech Differentiators

Currently, traditional telehealth devices and platforms lack the data capabilities needed to properly diagnose a patient. They also rely on smartphone cameras or webcams, which don’t allow for specificity or a comprehensive view of what a patient is experiencing. TytoCare takes telehealth a step further with the latest AI and cloud-based technologies to provide physicians the insights needed to fully replicate an in-person visit. The company’s Home Smart Clinic brings clinical accuracy and alignment to at-home care by seamlessly connecting patients and physicians for an on-demand medical exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan. The TytoCare kit includes a hand-held, all-in-one device that features an exam camera and thermometer, an otoscope adapter for examining the ears, a stethoscope adapter for heart and lung sounds, and a tongue depressor adapter for the throat. TytoCare's device can be used to diagnose and treat many common conditions, including ear infections, sore throats, fever, colds and flu, allergies, pink eye, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, as well as common skin conditions, including contact dermatitis, rash, and diaper rash. TytoCare is taking AI capabilities to the next level with the recently received CE Mark approval for its AI-backed Tyto Lung Sounds Analyzer. The analyzer is a web-based software module that adds additional capabilities to the existing TytoCare solution. It was designed to aid in the clinical assessment of lung auscultation sound data by analyzing recorded lung sounds to determine whether wheezing is detected within the recording, helping physicians to better diagnose respiratory conditions remotely.


One economic challenge that TytoCare solves is reducing Emergency Department (ED) visits and spending through better telehealth options. The company’s solution provides optimal care along with convenience that leads to an increased sense of security among patients and improved clinical outcomes through operational efficiency and resource allocation. In one case study, a top-tier national health insurer sought a telehealth solution that would allow it to minimize unnecessary ED visits caused by insufficient primary care access to reduce spending and streamline patient care. 940 TytoCare devices were distributed with 1,700+ patients enrolled. The health plan resolved 98% of visits fully remote with TytoCare, and ED diversion rose 40.5%, resulting in an 18-30x return on investment for the healthcare insurer. https://www.tytocare.com/reducing-er-visits-and-spend/ In a second case study, a leading integrated delivery network (IDN) required a solution that would allow them to effectively manage their pediatric Medicaid population. They found that 24/7 access to medical care was causing a strain on emergent care and a number of patients were unnecessarily utilizing in-person primary care. They implemented a three-month-long comparative study that deployed two solutions: A/V-only telehealth and A/V telehealth augmented with TytoCare. 60 families enrolled, totaling 145 patient members. The IDN saw a 60% reduction in ED visits among members using the TytoCare solution, as opposed to a 7.9% reduction for patients who used the A/V solution alone. https://www.tytocare.com/professionals/case-study-reducing-ed-use/

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