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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

It has been projected that nearly 2.5 billion people globally will have some degree of hearing loss by 2050, and that over 700 million people will have permanent, disabling hearing loss. Unaddressed hearing loss is often associated with depression and anxiety due to social isolation and loneliness; cognitive developmental delays or decline which reduce performance at school or in the workplace; fatigue and other difficulties. Hearing loss is the third most common health condition in the United States, and yet only a little over a third of older adults with self-reported hearing loss are using hearing aids, because of the associated cost. This comes as no surprise as the average price for a pair of hearing aids is $4,400, with little to no health insurance coverage, not to mention the cost of regular consultations to health care practitioners. Lexie Hearing now offers people with hearing loss an alternative. A reliable, quality hearing aid, at an affordable price, with ongoing customer support. Hearing aid wearers can now have full control of their hearing experience at a significantly lower cost, whilst connecting with the people around them, improving their overall wellness.

Tech Differentiators

There are 3 factors that set Lexie Hearing apart. Firstly, our customer service is unparalleled. The Lexie Experts are available 6 days a week at no additional cost and can assist customers with onboarding, fine tuning and customization of their hearing aids. We reach out to every customer from the first day they receive their hearing aids. Customer reviews (over 500 Google reviews and a 4.7 star rating) indicate the support our customers receive is one of the most highly valued aspects of our offering. Secondly, the first and only hearing aid rewards program (Lexie Rewards) that is facilitated through the Lexie app. Wearing hearing aids isn’t easy and it takes time to adjust to new sounds and sensations. That’s why we developed a program with wearing goals to ensure that they’re wearing the hearing aids for long-enough periods to successfully transition to a life with hearing aids. They’re also incentivized for completing in app educational activities to accumulate rewards points which can be redeemed in the Lexie app store. Finally, our pricing structure is unique. We offer customers 2 payment options. They can make a one-time purchase of only $799 (less than a quarter of traditional hearing aid prices) or choose a subscription model. Customers only pay $42 per month for 24 months and receive care kits with accessories and batteries at regular intervals and a protection plan in the case of loss or breakages. It’s everything their hearing aids need, when they need it.


A clinical study with 66 participants, involving two phases (four clinical visits) of a randomized control trial (RCT). The AB group followed the traditional hearing aid fitting process and a self-fitting group followed Lexie Lumen’s self-fitting process. Phase 1 was a two-week, take-home field trial after fitting the hearing aids. No assistance or fine-tuning was allowed for the self-fit group. It was conducted to isolate and compare the benefit of fitting the hearing aids without online support or remote adjustment. Phase II began at the first follow-up appointment on the second clinical visit. Participants of the AB group could request fine-tuning or assistance from the audiologist. The self-fitting group could request remote assistance from Lexie Experts. 28 days later, the final clinic visit and assessments were conducted. The outcome is that subjective performance of the self-fit Lexie model is equivalent to traditionally fitted hearing aids. A separate audiogram verification study was also conducted. To validate the RETSPL values, the reliability and validity of the Lexie in-situ pure tone thresholds was determined by comparing the thresholds to a reference standard audiometer. It involved thirty adults with sensorineural hearing loss. The test-retest reliability of the in-situ thresholds were high, with intra-class correlation coefficients more than 0.75. Furthermore, the in-situ thresholds had strong, positive correlation to the reference standard audiometric thresholds, with 88.1% of the thresholds within +/- 10 dB HL. This shows that the pure tone test performed through the Lexie Lumen hearing aid is accurate and reliable.

Why Us