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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Vim’s platform equips the leading health plans and providers in the country with connective performance technology to drive improved performance on cost, quality, and experience with fewer clicks and less time required from provider teams. Vim’s Quality and Diagnosis Gaps applications embed care gaps and suspected diagnoses into existing EHR encounter workflows, putting this important piece of value-based care data in the right place at the right time and automating key in-EHR workflows to address gaps. This reduces manual work for provider teams, enables bidirectional data and feedback loops from the point of care, and improves performance on quality and risk adjustment performance. Vim’s Prior Authorization solution streamlines prior auth processes without leaving the EHR with direct connections to payer rulesets. Vim’s Order Assist integrates personalized and context-aware referral destination recommendations directly into EHR referral workflows to help providers refer patients to high-performing specialists, labs, radiology, and ambulatory surgical centers. This widens referring provider context on referral destination performance, reduces reliance on static lists, adds efficiencies for in-network provider selection, and ultimately improves performance on total cost and quality of care by increasing the value of downstream care. Vim’s Patient Health History expands care team awareness of patient health journey with payer claims-based data summaries. Vim’s Enhanced Eligibility application puts important patient-specific benefits information – from plan coverage dates to out-of-pocket costs – at a provider’s fingertips within existing EHR workflows. This saves provider teams time pre-visit and reduces visits to portals or calls to payer contact centers.

Tech Differentiators

Vim’s point-of-care connection platform, Vim Connect, is built for the future of healthcare. Its superpower lies in its users. Vim Connect's applications give providers and care teams the ability to power through EHR workflows and focus their time and energy on the patient - instead of spreadsheets, portals, and other manual administrative tasks. Additionally, in line with an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Vim’s technology is scalable and adaptable - driving payers, providers, and their care teams to lead the evolution all while maintaining ease of use and proven adoption. Our technology is uniquely well-positioned to drive scalable connections that lead to high engagement and impact. For example, Vim’s integration technology enables dramatically simpler and faster integrations than other approaches like HL7. We connect to provider EHRs in a matter of days, often with near-zero lift from provider teams. We do not require review or support from EHR vendors to deploy our software. Additionally, our workflow connections are much more flexible and powerful than traditional integrations. We drive high provider engagement by targeting our applications to the precise moments and workflow context where we can connect data to workflow to drive actions, automate repetitive steps, and otherwise offer time-saving enhancements. We deploy new capabilities “over the air” - meaning we can enable new data sources and new applications across our user base without additional integration or setup work by providers.


Our applications are in use by two of the three largest health plans in the country, and both have active healthcare economics analyses assessing ROI. Earlier versions of our model (less sophisticated than what’s live today) showed between 12-24% improvements in high-value specialist referral rates across two multi-clinic environments, and our application has >90% engagement rates for clinical users focused on Medicare Advantage populations. As a SaaS company, we focus our quantitative analyses primarily on time-to-live and engagement rates. Our content sponsors (health plans and risk-bearing providers or aggregators) assess economic and clinical value, and we have 0% churn on our point-of-care products.

Why Us