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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

With patients expecting seamless, digital experiences with their health system, CipherHealth fills in the holes throughout the entire care continuum where valuable data can be lost. The patient engagement platform leverages advanced orchestration technology and automation to help hospitals and health systems capture conversational engagement data to deliver best-in-class patient engagement services. Additionally, as new pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to persist (ie. massive amounts of staff burnout and struggles for providers to stay connected with patients), CipherHealth’s suite of offerings not only improves the patient experience, but also reduces readmissions, prevents no-shows, enhances clinical care, enables operational excellence, improves staff well-being, and drives financial success for health systems. With significant investments from healthcare organizations being poured into their EHR systems, solutions that add complementary services must be interoperable by funneling data into the system of record to facilitate seamless communications. CipherHealth’s patient engagement platform integrates directly with Epic, creating comprehensive patient views by combining conversational, contextual data with clinical data in a single pane of glass. The platform’s solution closes communication gaps and streamlines clinical workflows through reliable delivery of messages that originate from Epic, and maps data received from patients into the patient’s record. CipherHealth’s commitment to expanding interoperability with Epic saves staff time, improves patient experience, and expedites patient follow-up and access to detailed reporting to track business metrics.

Tech Differentiators

CipherHealth’s primary differentiator is its ability to provide top-of-the-line patient engagement services across the entire continuum of care. Its service parses through patient feedback via comprehensive, uniform conversational insights at every interaction, which can be fed directly into health systems’ existing EHR systems. CipherHealth’s toolkit is a one-stop shop that can be implemented directly into an existing tech stack, freeing up both staff resources and time by no longer needing an additional system to manage patient engagement services. Recently, CipherHealth expanded its pre-care capabilities with the launch of CipherConnect—a conversational engagement solution that leverages patient data to personalize engagement and keep patients in network. CipherHealth combines their virtualized pre-visit workflows such as real-time data intake and integration, appointment reminders, and pre-visit prep with clinical data to provide a 360-degree view of patients that carries through all stages of care. Organizations like Community Health Network have partnered with CipherHealth so they can capture patient feedback at every step of their care journeys, including improving message deliverability rates, increasing patient portal signups, and reducing appointment no-show rates. CHN successfully sent 3.91 million text messages from CipherHealth’s EHR Activation Gateway, with a delivery rate of 98% and reducing blocked messages in a single month from 24,997 to two. They subsequently found patients were 70% less likely to no-show, 15% less likely to cancel and 14% more likely to complete their visit. CHN also added $3.1 million to their annual revenue, just from reducing appointment no-shows.


CipherHealth performed an analysis of 38 health systems and 74 outreach programs between 2017 – 2020, looking specifically at patient engagement rates with CipherOutreach calls and aggregated readmissions. In that timeframe, these programs called 880,000 patients in total. This patient-centered, data-driven approach yielded a 56 percent reduction in readmission rates — representing an estimated average annual savings of $12.4 million in operating costs per health system. In this analysis of three years of data, 880,000 patients who were discharged from the 38 health systems were called through CipherHealth’s automated outreach solution to flag any changes in pain levels, identify issues filling prescriptions, answer questions about discharge instructions or follow-up appointments and prevent hospital readmissions. Based on these results, if a health system were using CipherHealth for outreach with an annual average issue volume of 10,000 per category, an average of 862 readmissions would be prevented each year, saving $12.4M based on $14.4K avg. cost savings for an avoided readmission. CipherHealth also analyzed data from 13 chronic heart failure (CHF) care providers and 26,000 patients, as well as 8 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) care providers and 5,600 patients, between 2017 – 2020. Chronic heart failure (CHF) patients who answered all questions in their follow-up call were readmitted 57 percent less often Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients who answered all questions in their follow-up call were readmitted 45 percent less often.

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