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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The problem dacadoo solves is allowing people (and the organizations that support them) to benchmark their holistic health and get motivation or intervention if needed to maintain or improve their health. dacadoo accomplishes this by providing the real-time health score, which is patented and based on 300 million person-years of clinical data. People have access to more health data than ever before from their phones, trackers, smart scales and remote monitoring devices. However, aggregating and making sense out of all this data can be a challenge for individuals. That’s where the Health Score comes in. Like a credit score for your health, which everyone can understand. A key part of the dacadoo platform is the digital AI coach. It helps solve the problem of early detection and prevention. In any population of size, there is almost certainly some percent of the population living with or at risk of developing a chronic condition. The dacadoo coach can recognize those at risk based on all available data – EHR, wearable, user reported, and imputed values – to triage those users into a higher level of care. For example, the platform could recognize someone has a high likelihood of living with undiagnosed pre-diabetes, or is having a decline in mental health, and triage those individuals to appropriate higher levels of care.

Tech Differentiators

A key differentiator for dacadoo is the real-time Health Score, based on 300 million person-years of clinical data. It has been patented and validated against outside data sets with a very high degree of accuracy. Many health platforms today offer some sort of health score or health “age”. While these may be a step in the right direction, we are not aware of any other company that has a health score that is based on clinical data, has been patented and validated. Our clients include leading life insurers across the world, who have tested dacadoo against their long standing actuarial models and have found benefit in augmenting their health underwriting with dacadoo because of the additional value it brings. We are not aware of any other health platforms that are also used by life insurers, which again speaks to the power of our proprietary health risk quantification. This benefits users, because dacadoo’s rich models can impute missing values and better predict risk, leading to new opportunities for early prevention and detection. The ability to impute missing health values, for instance glucose or cholesterol, is a key benefit for improving early detection and prevention. Another differentiator is dacadoo was built as a flexible technology platform. Our enterprise clients can white label and customize the engagement platform, can use our components in their own platforms, or access our health risk models via API. We are the flexible technology company empowering leading health companies and insurers globally, in whatever way they need.



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