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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

It's simple. Redox is making integration scalable, portable, and more affordable than in-house, DIY solutions. With Redox, companies have to code up to our API only once and then, with an agreement from the sending and receiving parties, they have access to our network of EHRs, providers, payers, and other digital health companies. Before Redox, companies had the taxing and technologically expensive task of figuring out integration for themselves. This entails having to build integration tools from scratch for every new customer, which compounds the time it takes to get a solution up and running. As a company scales, or as a provider uses more technology, this problem only worsens. However, Redox built and API around both scaling as our customers' needs scale and providing service from our team that manages how their data travels from point A to point B securely.

Tech Differentiators

Redox's single, scalable API is unlike anything that healthcare technology has experienced. It is the escape from an industry weighed down by slow-moving paradigms. With Redox, you are empowered to build the future of healthcare because we connect the tools to meet patients and providers rising expectations. Redox enables you to instantly compose data and services to drive your business. With us, what felt hard before is now a competitive advantage. Your product team can focus on differentiation, knowing that every connection is resilient, secure and trackable. Your engineers can code workflows, not obscure jargon. With a network of 2,300+ connections live and production-tested, your sales team never has to turn anyone away. Redox gives health tech what it needs to build and deliver the future of health tech today.


We just released a report with HIMSS that surveyed 100 technology decision-makers at integrated delivery networks, multi-hospital systems, academic medical centers, and standalone/specialty hospitals. The purpose of the report was to learn about the key deterrents and accelerants to successful adoption of remote patient monitoring and care coordination technologies within health systems. What was found was that EHR integration and interoperability were key factors in what respondents found most compelling when selecting these technologies: When asked about the most compelling reasons to consider tools and technologies offered by third-party vendors, 80% of healthcare organizations stated, “integration with my EHR and/or other enterprise systems” and “better functionality.” 47% of healthcare organizations said the biggest obstacle to overcome when considering RPM solutions were “incompatibility with EHR/enterprise systems.” 38% percent gave the same reason for consideration of care coordination solutions. In the survey, 57% of healthcare organizations identified more experience with EHR vendors among the top three accelerators to solution implementation. This report is linked below: https://www.redoxengine.com/resource/himss-research/?utm_content=215345060&utm_medium=ucsf

Why Us