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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Hospitals across the U.S. are increasingly reporting bed capacity issues. Although previously contributed to COVID-19 surges, many healthcare organizations are now citing staffing shortages and an inability to efficiently discharge patients as key drivers behind capacity issues. Current Health addresses these challenges by providing the technology and services to design and deploy home health programs. By acting as the technology backbone for home health programs, Current Health is enabling health systems and their care providers to focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality clinical care for patients, at scale. With Current Health, health care organizations can provide: •Better patient experiences, reducing the need to travel to and from hospitals for appointments. •More equitable care, providing a more convenient and feasible options for those in rural areas or those without regular access to transportation to connect with doctors and nurses. •Relief for healthcare workers, curbing patient admissions, and allowing busy physicians and nurses to focus on those who need care most. •Lower cost of care, limiting (re)admissions that can hike up costs for payers, providers and patients.

Tech Differentiators

Unlike other virtual care organizations, Current Health started in high acuity care which has more rigorous and complex monitoring requirements, and this is where much of the organization’s business is today in U.S. and UK – both in Virtual Wards and Hospital-at-Home. The company’s solution has been a key enabler of the expansion of care at home, with its single unified interface encompassing remote patient monitoring (RPM), telehealth, and patient engagement. The company’s holistic approach eliminates the challenges health systems face when deploying care at home, such as limited staff and resources, internet and connectivity issues, device setup, patient engagement, and more. In addition to technology, Current Health uniquely offers inventory and logistics, in-home connectivity, a 24/7 Clinical Command Center, and expert implementation services. Furthermore, Current Health’s acquisition by Best Buy in October 2021 strengthens the company’s ability to support patients and providers with best-in-class tech support, logistics and supply chain.


In a case study with Louisville, KY-based Baptist Health, we analyzed the results of a pilot program that leveraged Current Health’s care-at-home platform to preserve hospital capacity while caring for COVID-19 positive patients who could be safely monitored at home. The study looked at 270 patients who were monitored for an average of 12 days and found that Baptist was able to achieve zero readmissions across its patient cohort. An independent evaluation conducted by Health Innovation Network in South London looked at 250 patients admitted to Croydon's Virtual Ward, the UK equivalent of Hospital-at-Home, over the course of the year to evaluate its ability to take pressure of Croydon's acute hospital. In addition to increasing Croydon's capacity to care for patients, many patients also reported positive patient experiences, including feeling being cared for by staff, more comfortable in their homes and learning more about how to manage their own condition from home. What’s more, because of the more than 308 clinical tests that were ordered for patients, the study found that the remote patient monitoring program enabled earlier detection of fatal diseases. This includes five patients with new pulmonary embolism, two with heart arrhythmias, two patients with obstructive sleep apnea and one incidental atrial myxoma.

Why Us