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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Cervical Cancer is the second-most common cancer among women in the developing world, with over 300,000 women dying from it each year. Our ability to perform screening at scale can play a pivotal role in supporting the WHO strategic mission to eliminate cervical cancer by 2030. Accessibility to good healthcare is a challenge in many countries around the world, resulting in unnecessary deaths, that otherwise could have been prevented. MobileODT fills this void and bridges the accessibility gap by utilizing Artificial Intelligence for cervical cancer screening. The MobileODT EVA VisualCheck AI technology offers an alternative screening modality to the current standard of care that can be utilized by a broad range of healthcare specialists. The results are received directly at the point of care, significantly reducing loss to follow up which is in the range of 60%- 70% in the developing world. Furthermore, MobileODT is currently expanding its product line to offer practitioners the convenience of a one-stop-shop solution for all their cervical cancer needs. As part of this strategy, the company is introducing ThermoGlide, an immediate point-of-care thermocoagulation treatment within a single sitting.

Tech Differentiators

MobileODT is the first and only company to develop an AI machine learning algorithm to diagnose and screen cervical cancer. Our revolutionary algorithm overcomes the major issue that we are facing in the world of cervical cancer today and that is accessibility. The AI algorithm offers an accuracy as good as a specialist, thus allowing for the technology to be used by non-specialists, overcoming the issue of accessibility. It also allows for an unprecedented screening at scale, supporting the WHO strategic vision of eliminating cervical cancer worldwide. We also reduce loss to follow-up by offering a single sitting solution of both diagnosis and treatment at the same time.


The latest studies presented at EUROGIN 2022 and EFC 2022 address the accuracy of ower AI algorithm in comparison to biopsies and other screening modalities. Here is a synopsis of the EUROGIN study: The VisualCheck 2.0 application haS a high diagnostic sensitivity of approx. 90%, which allows the method to be used as an effective primary screening tool. "Clinical evaluation of the Mobile ODT AVE (AI) application: comparison with human colposcopic assessment" Grzegorz Głąb (1), Aleksandra Zimmer-Stelmach (2), Jan Żak (2)

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